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Candy Slices

Candy Slices

by Mobiman

Candy Slices
Candy Slices
Candy Slices
Candy Slices
Candy Slices
Candy Slices

Welcome to the sweet candies world! Candy Slices is a free merge puzzle game full of love and joy!

Do you love candy? Do you love puzzles? If yes, you will love this candy maker game. Solve puzzles by choosing the right candy slices for every plate and unlock exciting levels and game bonuses!

Solve Candy Puzzle
Enjoy delicious desserts by solving one of the most exciting sweet puzzle games! You can easily view the next candy slice to decide your next move wisely. Solve the puzzle in as few moves as possible to pass the levels and win more points!

Candy Maker Game
Play the most delightful and relaxing puzzle game along with colorful desserts and candy shops.
Complete the slices on the possible plates to fit each plate. Every time a plate is full you will get closer to your goals. Start your journey to the Candy Slices world and explore the sweet candy shops on the map!

Exciting Features and Challenging Levels
Candy Slices is filled with countless challenging levels and exciting features. While enjoying different types of candies, you can solve puzzles with your gaming intelligence. You can enjoy features like:
Skip Button: Use this to skip the current slice to next random one.
Move Button: You can use this button to get an extra move.
Ice Breaking Button: Use this to break the ice on the plates and create empty spaces.
Golden Bonuses: You can place them randomly in empty spaces on the plates.

How to play Candy Slices:

• Download and launch the dessert cooking puzzle
• Tap on the play button and choose a level
• Start the candy games and solve puzzle strategically
• Tap on target plate to place the candy slice
• Align all the pieces in right places to solve puzzle
• Refresh the total number of puzzle pieces by clearing a plate
• Unlock new levels and bonuses

Features of Candy Slices:
Challenging candy maker puzzles
Completely free to play
Simple UI suited for all ages
Incredible visual effects for exciting candy puzzle experience
Impressive background music and sound effects
Variety of new magic challenges
Shining yummy candies
No time limit on levels
Easily addictive candy jigsaw puzzle game
Play online or offline anytime, anywhere
Sweet candy levels and desserts always up to date

Are you ready to jump into the world of desserts by playing one of the most amazing candy 2020 games? This candy puzzle adventure will keep you challenged and entertained for hours. Download and play Candy Slices today!

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