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Bubble Crocos

Bubble Crocos

by San Publisher

Bubble Crocos

Do you remember the classic bubble puzzle when you are a little boy or girl?
Classic Bubble Crocos is coming now.

As the most classic puzzle game and match-three game, Bubble Crocos is popular for a long time. No matter the elderly, children, women, housewives or beautiful girls all love Bubble Crocos. Bubble Crocos is a fun game. Play this game can train your brain and finger. Unlike word search game, Bubble crocos is suitable for all countries. It's a mind game for both adults and young kids which is very cool.

Now, we are coming back. This is a super new version.

What we do in this version? You can try to find the difference between our bubble crocos and others.

1. More than 100 fun and challenging game levels to challenge your brain.
2. There are different colors of crocos in this game.
3. Easy to learn,challenging to master.
4. Fantastic graphics, fluent shooting experience.
5. Smooth animations, cool gameplay.
6. Accurate controls, with two ways to shoot crocos.
7. More strategy.

How to play this game?
1. Your finger move to the target, aim, and shoot!
2. Match 3 crocos can clear them.
3. Clear all crocos and the game levels is complete.
4. Match more set of crocos to make them burst can get points as bonus.
5. - Complete all the levels and share this game with your friends

If your family have elderly members, you want them to keep away from mahjong, card and other casino game. you can recommend them to play bubble crocos. 
If you don't want your wife or girl friend to bother you, you can recommend them to play bubble crocos.
If your childs always bother you, let them play bubble crocos.
If your husband or boy friends always live you alone. Bubble crocos so can play with you.

No matter where, No matter when.
Bubble crocos is always on your side.

Our Bubble crocos provides fun and addictive game play, entertainment for the whole family.

#We are all free game, No in app purchase.
#Bubble crocos is offline game, you don't need internet. We are no wifi games.

The last entreat:
Please download it and rating it. Develop a free game is too hard, we need your support. If our game is not good enough, we can change and improve it.

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