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by SlidingBits


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When was the last time you discovered a useful app?

With millions of apps it's impossible to find apps that are not on the top charts, but there are hundreds of useful apps that serve small niches. Briteli curates the best and most useful apps into collections. The next time you need apps for astronomy, cookery or any interest area, let Briteli help you discover the most useful ones.

By the way it's pronounced as 'brightly'.

Briteli is focused on apps and less on games so you wont find just another bird game here. Many times play store categories don't match what the app does, so we spend time to handpick apps, review and curate them into interesting themes and collections.

- Discover curated app collections
- Handpicked apps, reviews and comments
- Weekly showcase of curated apps
- Daily user submitted content called Freshli
- Analytics driven app suggestions
- Curated web content recommendations


What is 'Curate'?
select, organize, and look after the items in a collection or exhibition.

What are collections?
A collection is a group of curated content like apps, web articles, book references that are related to an interest. For example: Cycling World is a collection of content for biking enthusiasts, from tracking your ride to keeping tabs on your health parameters and first aid references.

How many collections does Brite.li have?
We plan to have less than 25 collections at any point in time based on current interest and trends. For example we may add a seasonal collection like 'Football Fever' during a soccer world cup.

Why would I use Briteli?
App stores are dominated by the usual chart toppers based on number of downloads, ratings and community suggestions. After people get tired of the chart toppers there are still hundreds of great apps which you will never get to see because people don't know they exist and would never search for it. Briteli helps you find useful apps and content in a more focused manner after people get tired of the app stores.

Is it safe to install apps from Brite.li?
We do not host any apps or content on our site, users will be redirected to the app store for installs. We only provide a different discovery experience.

Where is search?
Search is not really the idea behind Briteli, you should make use of the most advanced search technology provided on Play Store. But if you have to use search, try popular tags in the 'discover' section

Why Curate Apps?
How do you make sense of the hundreds of thousands of apps that are published every year. You could miss out on a useful app or worse never get to hear of it. Social signals and automation are amplifying noise as well. The human mind that judges good content cannot be replaced by an algorithm, atleast not yet. Curators are passionate about a interest area and spend a lot of time in judging good content so people get to see a slice of the best apps atleast for a interest area like photography

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/briteliapps
Twitter: https://twitter.com/slidingbits

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