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Brainstorm, a party game

Brainstorm, a party game

by Sly Trunk

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Brainstorm, a party game
Brainstorm, a party game
Brainstorm, a party game
Brainstorm, a party game
Brainstorm, a party game

What do you do once Thanksgiving dinner is over? Don't just zone out on your own phone. Play Brainstorm together!

You've played the "one note" party games; now play the one that keeps the party going with loads of categories for loads of fun! All the zany challenges get everyone into the action.

Charge up family game night with the one app that rolls many of your favorite games like Charades, Pictionary, Heads Up, Trivia, Catch Phrase and Memory all into one game - with a few surprise categories as well! Played in two teams of any size, it’s designed to keep players with all types of skills and interests having a blast.

"Excellent party game for any size group! Bust out this app with the fam over the holidays and be ready for great fun! Our family loves this game!!"
- C.H.

"Awesome game! Looking forward to hours more laughs and all around good times with this app." - RevAndy B

9 Categories of On-Your-Toes Game Play, with over 9,000 Challenges!
-Act-it (charades) - One person acts out the clue for the rest of the team.
-Guess-it (word clues) – Get your team to guess as many words as they can.
-List-it (things in a category) – Teams try to guess the 9 answers in the category.
-Draw-it (draw the clue) – Get your team to guess your drawing as quickly as they can.
-Match-it (memory) - Find the pairs as quickly as you can, watch out for the moving tiles.
-Perform-it (reverse charades) – The team acts out the clue for just one guesser.
-Order-it (sorting challenge) - Put the listings in order … shortest to longest, oldest to newest.
-Built-it (tangram torture!) - Use geometric shapes to build a picture of the clue.
-Know-it (trivia challenge) – Guess as many trivia questions as you can before the buzzer.

Set Your Own Schedule – play for just a few rounds or keep the fun going longer. Flexible settings let you decide how long to play.
Play the Way You Like – customize the settings to include all categories of play, or just the ones your group enjoys the most.
Grandparent Proof – let’s face it, many party game apps just aren’t very robust … we’ve tested this one and it's grandparent proof.

The Variety of a Party Board Game - with the low price and portability of a mobile app. It’s the best of both worlds!

It's a new take on good old-fashioned fun!
Download it today!

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