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Box Bunny

Box Bunny

by Steelmonkey Studio

Box Bunny
Box Bunny

Box Bunny is a fun frustratingly-addictive arcade jumping game that will get you hooked right away!

In Box Bunny you control a ever hopping bunny that must advance as far as possible avoiding deadly obstacles along the way. Collect regular carrots or golden ones to increase your score and pass on to the next, tougher, level. When you collect carrots without touching the ground, you increase your speed to a maximum of 3 boost. Land on updside down triangle to reset your speed!

Here are some of the main features in Box Bunny that make it an enjoyable pick-up-and-play arcade game:

? Fun Gameplay. The game screen continuously scrolls and you must tap-to-jump over the deadly obstacles collecting carrots along the way. When enough are collected, you advance to the next level.

? Multiple Levels. Currently there are 2 worlds so 20 different playable levels that increase in difficulty. To advance you must collect a certain number of regular & golden carrots!

? More Features. The more we advance in the game, the more we add features that increases the fun and frustration! Like the x2 speed rocket!

? Social Bragging. The more carrots you collect, the greater your score will be. You'll be able to connect your Facebook account and see how your score compares with your friends.

? Great Graphics. Box Bunny features voxel-based graphics that makes characters and landscape look symmetrical & clean.
''The graphics style is different yet a ton of fun, and that makes the gameplay so refined here, because both the world and the rabbit on their own are very different when compared to what you usually see.''

Log into Facebook to see how you rank among your friends! Box Bunny will not post anything on your behalf.

Do you think you can be one of the few players that reaches level 20 in Box Bunny? There's only one way to find out, pick up and play. It's free!

Review from AppGames.Net!:

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?Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Box-Bunny-1618410855066765/?ref=hl
?Twitter: https://twitter.com/steelmonkeystu

We're always excited to hear from you! If you want to share your feeling about the game or If you have any feedback on how we can make this the best frustratingly-addictive jumping arcade game, please write a review!

Contact: support@steelmonkeystudio.com

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