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by Claude Newman


Give your fingers, brain and talent a real well mega workout - sliding, swiping and matching jewelry gems to beat the current level times! Dash & quicken your pace, thrive on it! Bank the quickest times! Many facets of main principal gameplay in this diamond faceted distraction.

Wot! Watch out for hullabaloo! ...there are challenging epic surprises on the way ...don’t worry though you can cope with style & thrive! Bank well on the main principal of dash it fun! ...BlingItOn

Use your strategy to untangle the hullabaloo stockpile of lush gilt gems in this breezy puzzle jewelry shuffler. Simply dash, drag, tug and slide the tile gems up and down and once three match connect & concur in the middle then swipe the tile away!

Be careful to match, connect & concur correctly as an unsuccessful tile swipe will cause crazy trouble!
Get curious and swipe the Question Marks - see what they do!?! Watch out for mega trouble bombs ...bomb equals bad! Don’t Err! Don’t bomb out!

BlingItOn LITE feature summary:

  • NEW uniquely addictive slidy & matchy distinct gameplay to connect with, embrace, relish, crave & dote on! We are sure you will concur!
  • A treasure trove of lush stunning glittery, golden gilt graphics that gleam and resound! Very posh & epic!
  • Acquire, refine & sharpen your knack, skills & OCD - a real work out for your fingers, brain & talent to latch on too! Your face will go rose, viridian then mauve!
  • Have a lark & hullabaloo! Achieve Crazy Crown Mode!
  • It won’t impose you but plenty to ponder, scratch your forehead, nip & nag you! ...Easy to learn ...but yep …tough to master!
  • Wot! Challenging surprises thrown on the tray to un-settle you in full accord! Don’t wag your finger!
  • 30 levels of increasing difficulty - quicken and hasten to beat your previous times! Annex old times then proclaim the new ones! Pay homage!
  • A few Beating Blinging Music tracks to select from to help you nod and hum to
  • Many Gems, Jewelry, Shapes, Cuts and Colours as a stunning feature!

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