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Bimbask - Linking your Apps

Bimbask - Linking your Apps

by Bimbask App


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Bimbask - Linking your Apps
Bimbask - Linking your Apps
Bimbask - Linking your Apps
Bimbask - Linking your Apps
Bimbask - Linking your Apps
Bimbask - Linking your Apps
Bimbask - Linking your Apps
Bimbask - Linking your Apps

Do you like to  interact with your apps without retyping?
Do you want to exchange ideas with your friends and apps at the same time? 
Did you forget any ideas?
Would you like to remember, save or search ideas that you received for chat or found it?

Bimbask is a quick way to search and interact ideas with your friends together with your apps.

It has instant messaging so you can share ideas with your friends. You can save messages or information that you find on your apps. Also, you can listen to music stored on your device, successfully combining services with your applications to find and share what you like.

Interactive chat with your Apps - https://youtu.be/yvKViHtS0gI
Multisearch & Save the link in Groups - https://youtu.be/U3SGBb_VTpg
Save the notes in a Notepad - https://youtu.be/Dhtgs4thG1c

Do you want to interact  information on other service?
Bimbask can exchange and search instantly all chat messages or information saved in the app that you want.

Do you want to save and remember any articules, notes, or video form other app?

* From another application:
- Simply copy a link and enter to Bimbask.
-Select the option share, click Bimbask and save it in a group.

* From instant messaging:
  - A couple of clicks, stores messages, link or link groups.

Do you want to sort your ideas?
- Create link groups that will help you to sort the articles, videos or link that you are receiving or sending to other applications.
- Bimbask incorporates a notepad so you can save chat messages.

• Link to your social networks:
 You can share link saved or received by chat directly to your social networking.

Do you like to listen to music?
  This app incorporates a digital music player, which allows sharing music with your friends in real time.

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