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BHM Name Art

BHM Name Art

by Bhima Apps


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BHM Name Art
BHM Name Art
BHM Name Art
BHM Name Art
BHM Name Art
BHM Name Art
BHM Name Art

Name Art – Focus Filter is a beautiful & amazing application to decorate and stylize your name or any text you write and create awesome love cards.

You can write your name or nickname or any text with different styles & decorate it with different decorative items like heart shapes, strokes, feathers, different colorful background frames, color filters, love stickers & many more.

Valentine special features added : I Love you Sticker &Love Theme Background , photo background frames and much more. Now wish you love one Valentine day in a special way with BHM Name Art. 

Express your feelings by making beautiful love cards with name or nickname &sharing it with your love, you can also write your name with your love & decorate with beautiful arts.

BHM Name Art is a Stylish Name Maker to generate stylish text on photos by using different calligraphic fonts and decorate photos with stickers, hearts, feathers and also love quotes messages & name tags. Various texture , pattern & colors to choose as background. Also has a feature of paint and magic brush which can be used as fingertip art to write your name or nickname in artistic way.
BHM Name art is a photo editor which saves your images or photos as Insta Square and makes your pics square which saves pics from cropping when you share them on social media.

Name art functions as fancy name editor, love card maker, stylish name maker, love greeting card creator or Birthday & anniversary card generator

How this BHM Name Art – Focus Filter works: 
* Write your name or nickname or any other text
* Select font style
* Decorate your name with heart shape, colorful feather, brush strokes & stylish colorful background frame
* Save and share your creative & stylish work with your friends on social sites
* Set these creative name images as profile pic on social sites

If you have baby girl or baby boy and you want to write and decorate your baby names than BHM Name Art app is for you. Enter your baby girl name or baby boy name or nickname and decorate your baby name in fantasy style with stickers like hearts, balloons, bracelet etc & choose photo background frames to decorate your baby names

Here are some awesome tools of Name Art – Focus Filter application: 

Magic Brush - This magic brush draws sparkling textures and prints that looks great on any photo or text. This unique tool gives you creativity & freedom of creating an art that stands out. An artistic brush that never goes out of fashion to create text art. Select eraser to erase the magic brush painting.

Heart Shape - Add the warmth of love into any text you write by using the craftily designed heart shapes for you & your love. Many heart shapes for different moods, feel free to express your feelings with these heart shapes.

Feather decoration - A feather will make the art you create look genuine & freshly crafted for someone special you want to impress. Many colorful feather designed for better looks and feel.

Beautiful Background - The background must compliment the art you have created, for that we have handcrafted some stunning photo background and background textures you will surely love. Choose background frames and change photo background with one click and if you feel that your art is overcrowded you can erase or remove the photo background and just leave it blank.

Paint Brush – Paint brush is a very useful tool, draw your creativity & write any text with your own handwriting. You can select brush color & brush stroke size as well. Select eraser to erase the paint.

Photo Decoration – Add beautiful text on your photo with lots of decorative items like heart shapes, beautiful feather, amazing background & the unique magic brush. Adding text to picture is easy & quick.

Our goal is to help users have an enjoyable experience when using our apps & games. Download BHM Name Art Focus Filter App & write a review based on your experience.

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