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Betcha Mr.Moo - Quiz

Betcha Mr.Moo - Quiz

by Gamesl.app UG


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Betcha Mr.Moo - Quiz
Betcha Mr.Moo - Quiz
Betcha Mr.Moo - Quiz
Betcha Mr.Moo - Quiz
Betcha Mr.Moo - Quiz
Betcha Mr.Moo - Quiz

In Betcha Mr. Moo – Quiz not only more than 25,000 questions from many different topics, in which you can battle your opponents and can prove your knowledge, expect you; it is also the first quiz in which you can place a bet on your opponent! “Will he answer the question correctly?” Yes or no? Your correct appraisal is in demand. Place your wager and be keen to see whether your tip was right. In six rounds you can prove your knowledge, impress your opponent and increase your virtual profit, in addition, with a right tip. But pay attention; if you’ve made a wrong decision you can also lose a lot! In a thrilling duel are demanded by each players knowledge, intuition and a pinch of human knowledge.

Compete against your friends whom you have added before in your friend’s list or against other player of Betcha Mr.Moo – Quiz. And all that in a real-time! Your opponent is not on-line? Simply start with your part of the duel. Once your opponent has finished his part of the duel, you can take a look at the match evaluation. Guaranteed thrill in six rounds!

In 19 categories you find more than 25,000 questions, and new questions come constantly. Goal: Defeat the quizmaster Mr.Moo in three rankings. Become a “Winner of the wager”, “Answer Master” and “Dollar King” to attain the Mr.Moo-trophie at the end! Be better than Mr.Moo and assess your opponents well. Answer many of the questions correctly. Place your bets cleverly. You can unlock up to 50 incredible trophies! Be in three rankings completely on top.

Bet on your opponents. “Does he answer the question correctly?”
Big variety in many topics.
Complete your match any time. No waiting.
Matches in real-time.
Matches with friends or against a random opponent.
Experience how other assess you with all kinds of fields of knowledge.
3 ranking lists expect you. In which are you completely on top?
Personal statistics *. Everything about your duels.
Take a look at your present matches.
Details to your opponent – tap simply on his picture.
Very interesting: the statistics of your opponent! *
Unlock incredible trophies.
Share your success on Facebook.
Get a title, which distinguishes you!
Coach yourself and receive a reward for it.

Personal statistics. Your duels in detail.
Statistics of the opponent. All details to his duels.
No commercials.

Raiser. Double or triple your dollar or your points
Joker. A deficit is not counted in the final match evaluation.
Wild card. Reset your dollar account on $0.

Which friend do you challenge today?

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