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Asset Management & Tracking App

Asset Management & Tracking App

by Procost System


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Asset Management & Tracking App
Asset Management & Tracking App
Asset Management & Tracking App
Asset Management & Tracking App

Monitor, Track and Control your company's Assets Anytime, Anywhere. The App (similar to Hilti ON! Track 3) helps to manage, monitor, and track your construction assets, ABSOLUTELY FREE. No Hidden rules.

Equipment, tools, and tackles, shuttering material, safety PPEs, scaffolding, know your entire asset fleet's status in real-time.

The mobile software, hosted on AWS Cloud server has features such as asset grouping, requesting - allocating - transferring, tracking movements, inventory management, preventive maintenance, resource allocation management, user management. It replaces spreadsheets and helps companies improve their asset utilization.

Manage Assets in 3 Easy Steps

1.) Raise requirements

2.) Identify and allocate transfer

3.) Track movements from warehouse or Jobsite

Features and functionality of this cloud-based software available for your computer, phone, or tablet are:

• Track where assets are located in real-time

• View usage, repair, & maintenance history

• Improve accountability - who and when assets moved

View predefined reports which include statements about your assets

Sign Up with us for more information @ https://www.procost.systems/ for many more FREE Construction Management Softwares that will help you in Faster project completion, Reduce costs, Zero-defect quality & achieve GROWTH by digitizing operations. Contact us for any queries.

Other APPs from ProCost Systems - Digitizing Construction:

Construction Labour Reporting
Construction QA QC Management
Construction Daily Planning (DPR)
Construction Material Requisition and Receiving

ProCost Systems:

If you are looking for construction apps for your growing company, our construction software helps you efficiently manage your business. Our web-based construction software is great for busy contractors. The easy to use App is blended with desktop web access.

ProCost Systems, a digital project management tool that is a cloud-based application to manage teams/tasks, by collecting, capturing, and providing real-time access to project data, stepping away from paperwork. ProCost software/application is for AEC (architect-engineering-construction) Digital tool to manage your projects on one platform – connecting across projects, clients, consultants, architects, and contractors. This digital tool provides an effective project communication and monitoring tool, in turn leading to improving quality, safety, reducing rework and time overruns.

It empowers teams to make quick decisions and contribute more towards the project's success.

ProCost's App's TOTAL Features includes:

Daily Planning Report (DPR)
Bill of Quantity (BOQ)
Labour Report
Quality: QA/QC Checklist
Drawing Registers
Joint Measurement Record (JMR)
Material Receiving System (MRS)
Request For Information (RFI)
Equipment Management and Tracking
Progress Photos
Petty Cash
Punch List (Snag List)
Concrete Pour Log & Cube Register

It is a proven construction software solution for these types of contractors; Civil, mechanical, electrical HVAC, Concrete, Drilling & Mining, Drywall, Electrical, Excavation & Site Work, Fencing, GC's, General Construction, Home Builder (residential contractors), Insulation, Landscapers, Landscaping, Manufacturing, Masonry, Painter, Painting, Paving & Road Work, Plumber, Plumbing, Electrician, Restoration, Roofers, Roofing, Siding, Tile & Marble, Transportation, Utilities, Waste Management, Window & Door.


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