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4 Pics 1 Word - Brain Shake

4 Pics 1 Word - Brain Shake

by Tester Outlook


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4 Pics 1 Word - Brain Shake

4 pics 1 guess is a fun and most challenging word trivia game. It is based on famous 4 pics 1 word type of game with highest world ranking. Sometimes very simple word can confuse you or sometimes most difficult word you can judge easily. The best thing is you can play this game without internet. If you don’t have the internet access and you are getting bore then this game is the best thing. No registration, no internet is required, just install and enjoy the game.

This Game has many puzzles and each puzzle have 4 pictures, from them you have to guess the word. Each word is unique and different. This game contains many levels. You cannot move on next level until you guess the previous level word. This game is not just for fun, this will make your brain sharp and tricky.

How to Play

❏ Click on Play Button to start the game
❏ On game screen, there will be 4 pictures, some empty boxes which will be equal to word letters and some random letters in the form of keyboard which is having the reveal and delete operation on its left side
❏ There is the delete and reveal Operation, by delete operation you can delete some unused letters which isn’t a part of the solution and by reveal operation you can reveal one letter of the word until reveal or delete count become zero
❏ You will tap the letters in the right order, if you tapped the wrong letter you tap back and that letter will go back on its place and then you can put the right one
❏ Once you guess the right answer, next level will be shown.
❏ Once you are done with first 10 questions, Daily puzzle will get unlocked.
❏ You can play the daily puzzle on daily basis. After 24 Hours, one daily puzzle will be shown
❏ Apart from game, this game has many challenges. By completing those challenges you can get many achievements.
❏ You can take the help with your friends by sharing the question on your social media.


❖ Easy to play
❖ Simple Graphics
❖ Daily Puzzle
❖ Different Achievements
❖ More than 50 Levels
❖ Easy to understand
❖ Make your brain sharp

So Play and find out why everyone love this game. You will get addicted once you start playing this game. Please give us a feedback after playing the game, we are here for you and make this game better and better.

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