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 Escape Games-Puzzle Boot House

Escape Games-Puzzle Boot House

by Fabsys Technologies Private Limited


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 Escape Games-Puzzle Boot House
 Escape Games-Puzzle Boot House
 Escape Games-Puzzle Boot House
 Escape Games-Puzzle Boot House

86th Escape Game app by QuickSailor

Puzzle Boot House is a Room Escape Game app.

Fantasy Escape Game! You have entered into the library and found an old historical fairy tale book. As you are eager to read the book, you opened it and started to read the book. Suddenly, the pages became bright with smoke effect. You look furious and immediately one hand popped out of book and dragged you inside of it. You fell unconscious and after some time, you woke up and slowly opened your eyes, your eyes shockingly saw the fairy land front on you. The house contains chocolate trees, ice cream falls, strawberry flowers, cookies floor etc. You started to love the house and eat chocolate from chocolate trees and ice creams. Slowly you get bored and you feel alone at that place.

You got a home seek, so you started screaming and search the exit door everywhere in the land but you can’t get any single clue from there. Your eyes are started tears, you fall down on the land and started crying. At the time, you hear a lady voice, you turned your head and search the voice but you can’t see her, because she was flying upside in a broom stick and she is a fairy land angel. You started cried at her, ask her to help you. Then she shakes his magical stick and created a beautiful boot house. She gets you inside the boot house and told you to eat something. The room full of shoe shape materials. When you stare at the objects, the angel laughing louder. Suddenly the angel turns to ugly witch and flew faster from that place and locked the boot house from outside. You started screaming and watching the witch from window. The witch came near to the window and told you to search the key. Then you ask her that, why you do this things. She replied that, that’s a game of witch, if you not found the key before this night, you will be spending your lifetime here with me. You will never get back to you house anymore. After telling this, she flew away from that place. Now you are trapped in puzzle boot house.

Search for the keys everywhere, use the shoe shaped objects .Collect some hidden objects, and solve the puzzles. Get the escape way before the sunset. Each level has a different objects and beautiful shoes. Use the waste shoes also from the levels; it may have important puzzle hints. Use your intelligence to cross the interesting levels. Enjoy the game. Happy Escaping!

It is a boot shaped house, you enter inside to have a look at the house, the door bangs and you get stuck. All you need to do is, go through the boot house to find hidden objects and make use of it, and solve puzzles to escape from this boot house.

• You need to solve puzzles which will help you to get the useful objects to escape.

• You need to collect few coins, gifts and other stuffs.

• There are a lot of hidden objects which will be of help to find the main door keys and also solve the puzzle on the door.

Puzzle Boot House Escape got interesting game play for boys, girls & kids. The Game contains following elements in it: Escape the room, Find Hidden Objects & Solve Puzzles. Room Escape games are attracted by escape gamers throughout the world and Boot house is a Room Escape Game. Play puzzle boot house Escape Game and Have Escape Game Time.

How to Play Puzzle Boot House Escape: Go through puzzle boot house, find hidden objects and solve puzzles. Make use of them in the right place and escape without any trouble.

Download this free escape game app and have a quick play!

Go ahead play this escape game app and have a quick playtime and escape from the puzzle boot house!

Puzzle Boot House Escape Game Features:

• 100% Free to Download.

• 9 Levels of Rooms Escape Available

• Room Escape Game App.

• Find Hidden Objects

• Solve Puzzles.

• New Levels Update

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