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Social Media

  • asktolik form Israel

    Hello I'm Tolik an ASO trainer and mobile marketing expert! We provide app store optimization services and Reskin app services also we teach people how make money with apps

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  • TexApps LTD form U.S.A.

    TexApps LTD. is a Texas based game and app development company specializing in app/game monetization via social media and other digital marketing.

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  • Gamex Studio form Mexico

    We are a indie game development company located in Mexico

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  • 1FingerGames form Germany

    We are a group of technology enthusiasts, gamers, freaks and Players

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  • Edoardo Fiorentini form Spain

    Chat with translation. I made this chat application, very similar to others already on the market (WhatsApp/Messenger/etc.) but with a translate functionality. Scenario would be a chat group where there isn't a common shared language.

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  • Space Crescent LLC form Qatar

    Space Crescent LLC, is a small Qatari company founded by Abdulrahman Al-Thani & Faisal Al-Kubaisi, Specialized in web, mobile & console games development. ​ ​Their team consists of members from different gulf countries like KSA, UAE and Qatar.

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  • P & N Mobile, LLC form U.S.A.

    Love the app industry.

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  • Dappa Games form United Kingdom

    Bringing you the best high quality free-to-play mobile games for IOS and Android.

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  • ShineTechnolab form India

    Shine Technolab is the leading Mobile Apps and Game development company that is pioneered in bringing the products and ideas into Mobile Space with high quality.

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  • Spaghetti Interactive form Italy

    A family of games Social, Multiplayer and Multi Platform! The goal we set ourselves is to allow anyone to play together with friends with whom he shares the same passion for games, regardless of the phone or computer in use. Freshly made apps, built with passion! All of our card's games are usable as you prefer! • Portrait mode for those who usually play with the touch of a finger. • Landscape mode for those who want to experience a desktop experience. www.giochipiu.it www.scopapiu.it www.briscolapiu.it www.damapiu.it www.tressettepiu.it www.scoponepiu.it www.scacchipiu.it

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  • Agile Flex Agency form Romania

    Agile Flex Agency - Ideas Envisioning the Future

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  • Xunami form U.S.A.

    Xunami is an app used to create marketing videos for any business. This app provides ideas, scripting, teleprompter assisted recording, and professional editing. There's no need to hire a production staff or purchase expensive equipment. With Xunami, you can submit a video shot on your phone and we will return a viable piece of video marketing to promote your business. Whether your business is real estate, law, or you own a restaurant, Xunami makes it easy for you to share your brand with the world. Download the app and shoot your first video today. Creating your video is easy-here's how it works - Open the app and select your industry - A variety of pre-recorded video templates pop up. - You can watch the example videos for inspiration. - Choose from pre-written, editable scripts or type in your own custom script. - A teleprompter displays and scrolls your script as you record your message. - When you're done recording, submit your video to us through the app. - Our editors remove your mistakes while adding graphics, music, text and supporting video. - We insert your logo, branding and contact information. - Within 72 hours, you receive a professionally edited viable piece of marketing to post on social media or send to clients! Tired of missing a whole day of work for an elaborate video shoot? Shoot videos with Xunami when you want, where you want and how you want. Not sure what to say on your social media videos? Our pre-recorded templates will inspire you to add your own style to the concepts. Does the high cost of professional videography and editing limit your marketing budget? At roughly 10% of the normal costs, Xunami offers you a chance to deliver your message to the world affordably. Learn more about how Xunami can boost your business at www.Xunami.net Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/xunamiapp Follow us on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/xunamiapp Have a question? Visit us at xunami.net!

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