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  • TakeNewGames form Ukraine

    We Create Games for iOS and Android for you and your friends;)

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  • Markus Bauer form Germany

    Bauer-Live is a indie software company located in Munich, Germany. We develop apps from small tools up to huge client-server based MMO games.

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  • Sami Salkosuo form Finland

    IT professional.

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  • os apps form Australia

    Frisbee frenzy

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  • Syrinx Enterprises Limited form Canada

    Far too much education for anyone's good - but c'est la vie - Electronics Engineering Technology Diploma, Electrical Engineering Degree, Masters of Business Administration. Same as most folks employment is in the industries closely associated with your education choice and given geographic locale that happened to be in Oil and Gas. However, always looking to expand horizons and explore new opportunities. Had apps and mobile devices existed when I first graduated I probably wouldn't have toiled in the field as much as I did. Makes me a late bloomer, I guess.

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  • Abhay Menon form India

    I am software developer with expertise in GIS and Mobile development.

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  • Hermann Fischer form Germany

    Founder of Light And Dance VR. Creator of Let's Swipe. Creative software development enthusiast for bringing human development to the next level. I am fascinated by computer science since I got in contact with it. Over the years I collected a lot of experience in design and development of intuitive, gorgeous looking and functional programs and games.

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  • Boomdash Digital Limited form United Kingdom

    Boomdash Digital is a new, upstart, Free to Play mobile indie publisher based in Manchester, UK. Working closely with teams, Boomdash simplify the business of Free to Play games helping developers to improve their gameplay, engagement, monetisation and user acquisition strategy. To date, Boomdash Digital has brought mobile puzzle game Bubble Raider and acclaimed endless runner Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare to iOS and Android.

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  • Game form Hong Kong - Macau


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  • Signal Space Lab form Canada

    Signal Space is a forward-thinking studio that combines exceptional talent in two specialized Visual and Audio labs to design modular end-to-end solutions for audio, linear and virtual VR/AR/MR projects.

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  • Resonance House form U.S.A.

    Shadow’s Edge is a free mobile game that's designed specifically to build resilience in teens and young adults facing serious health challenges, such as Cancer, Lyme disease, Diabetes, Trauma… Anything they get treated for medically, but they could use some emotional support for. In- game, the player’s quest is to revive a city called Shadow’s Edge after it's been hit by a terrible storm. — Much like our players have been hit by their diagnosis. To fulfil the quest, players must find the pages of a lost journal and answering the questions on them, like they would in therapy. Players also get to express themselves in-game by using spray paint colors and stencils that they receive as rewards for journaling. With them, they can create graffiti throughout the city to make the city beautiful again, and meaningful. The can share their graffiti in game with other players. As they play, they not only get rewards, but their progress in journaling, spray painting and sharing, has a direct impact on the game world. Plants start growing, the weather improves, buildings repair themselves, Dialogue of the NPC's changes, creatures come back. Everything in the game is infused with metaphors of what someone with a serious illness or trauma may experience emotionally. The 3 levels in the game represent the phases you may go through when experiencing hardship and they unlock as the player progresses. The journaling questions are arranged accordingly. The 4 areas in the city represent parts of the player: their inner self, their outgoing self, their meditative self, and the central role the disease takes in their life. The characters players meet each have their own story they reveal throughout, along with the story of the city. Shadow’s Edge allows patients to connect with themselves and others in a new way.

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