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Graphic Design

  • The Visual Forge form Italy

    We are a small team of graphic artists who have many years of experience working in the Browser and Mobile video game industry.

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  • Spaghetti Interactive form Italy

    A family of games Social, Multiplayer and Multi Platform! The goal we set ourselves is to allow anyone to play together with friends with whom he shares the same passion for games, regardless of the phone or computer in use. Freshly made apps, built with passion! All of our card's games are usable as you prefer! • Portrait mode for those who usually play with the touch of a finger. • Landscape mode for those who want to experience a desktop experience. www.giochipiu.it www.scopapiu.it www.briscolapiu.it www.damapiu.it www.tressettepiu.it www.scoponepiu.it www.scacchipiu.it

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  • Hermann Fischer form Germany

    Founder of Light And Dance VR. Creator of Let's Swipe. Creative software development enthusiast for bringing human development to the next level. I am fascinated by computer science since I got in contact with it. Over the years I collected a lot of experience in design and development of intuitive, gorgeous looking and functional programs and games.

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  • Agile Flex Agency form Romania

    Agile Flex Agency - Ideas Envisioning the Future

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  • PieDream form Ukraine

    Small game dev company.

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  • WebsiteNetwerk form

    Mobile Game Development Company

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  • DMD Supernova form U.S.A.

    DMD Supernova - Design & Develop

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  • Exubit Ltd. form

    We are a small company of developers working as partners for a number of companies from various industries all over the world. And we love games, mobile apps as well as enterprise solutions.

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  • ARblox form Denmark

    ARblox is the next level of Augmented Reality games for your mobile! It’s social. It’s creative. It’s physical multiplayer fun for you, your friends, and your family. Build and play in your living room, in the park, or on the table. Play your own levels, or play levels created by other members of the community.

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  • metadesc form Germany

    Developing physic based games for desktop and phones.

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  • Vertexshare Software Technology form Hong Kong - Macau

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  • Code Delivery Boy LLC form

    Who are we, you ask? We are video game fanatics from way back, but we love the new generation of phones and other devices! We’re combining the simple gameplay and fun of the golden age of video games with the portability and unique control options of today.

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  • Fun Frenzy Trivia
  • Easy Translation
  • UniverseV: Star Domination
  • NE-Lite