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Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile App

Let's be honest. This is the age of smartphones. That means people are stuck to their phones in their major portion of the day. That signifies that a huge chunk of consumers can be found online. As the world has gone online, businesses have found an e-commerce platform to expand their markets and sales.

A person in an office or at home is exhausted. He/she is experiencing hunger pangs. It's not always that someone wants to cook. He/she will grab the phone and search for nearby online food options. If your restaurant is accessible through an app, imagine how much profit it can gain in these times. Also, this is only one aspect of the opportunities that an App can provide your restaurant to grow.

Now, there are so many features options you can avail of for your App. Based on the user's preference, which can be checked by analyzing the already made restaurant or food delivery apps.

How do people like restaurant Apps? Considering consumer choices.

While deciding to create an App, one must keep in mind the wants and needs of consumers. Now, food order and delivery is a whole cycle. It's not one time of a thing. It means that if the user likes the food your restaurant delivered, they will probably order again and again. That way your restaurant creates loyal customers, just by providing good services.

1) Customers really appreciate the whole menu in an App with the pictures of dishes along with their names and prices obviously. But the pictures provided are important. Many times, foreign customers order food so they can have the visuals of the food along with the ingredients.

2) Cash on delivery option is a must but the in-app payment is also highly recommended. As most of the customers prefer less human interactions and they would like to pay via debit cards.

3) The other feature is Restaurant reservations! Book a table via the Mobile App of a Restaurant always sounds great. Again, this feature is more comfortable for introverts. But it is easy to use for all. This feature also creates a connection between the restaurant and the customers as it makes it easier for them to communicate and relate to the restaurant. It is always in reach. That's why it is always liked and appreciated.

4) Notifications of Daily Special! Yes, you can add these features to your restaurant Mobile App, so the loyal customer doesn't miss out on any deals or discounts. That is also a quick way to make your customers know of the new recipe, the restaurant has come up with.

5) Connect to your customers on Social Media as well. So, your restaurant link can be shared by the customers if they really like the food or the experience. People tend to share good experiences a lot these days. This can come in handy to you in enhancing the marketing of your restaurant.

6) You can come up with various Loyalty programs. Yes, you can send invites to loyal customers for discounted meals at your restaurants every once in a while. So, people can really build emotional connections to the restaurant within a community.

7) GeoService. Well, this feature is actually activating the GPS in the App. This allows the delivery guy to deliver food via the online tracking map and automatically detect the place where the food is to be dropped by. Customer service is to be taken seriously if you want to create an App for your restaurant. Satisfied customers mean the success of your App. Customer satisfaction tops the list when it comes to planning to create an App for your restaurant. Also, gaining more customers is the number one reason to create an App for your restaurant.


It goes without saying. Mobile Apps are the need of the day.

1) Higher Sales

Customers find it easy to order online. If your restaurant is available on an App, it automatically increases the sales. People tend to locate nearby restaurants on their mobile phone devices when the first thought of eating outside hits them. If your restaurant skips the online search and is not available in the form of an App, you're missing on a huge bunch of customers.

2) Reaching Out To The Customers Becomes Easy

Now, the built-in GPS tracking makes it easier for the restaurants to reach out to their customers. Mobile Apps shrinks the whole process of ordering and delivering. That implicates that it'll take less time in processing one order. Also, it is highly preferred by people who normally avoid human interactions other than in their work circle. This comfortability makes the Mobile App preferable as it is convenient in use.

3) Highly Engaging The Staff At Your Restaurant

If the restaurant has an App, the whole staff will be busy in ordering and delivering the food online on the App. This way the staff will highly engage in the provision of good services to the clients. Also, the staff's personal use of the App can make them creative in coming up with new ideas for the App to make it more efficient and effective.

The staff will find it easy to link with the customers online rather than connecting to them via phones. Whereat times the phone signals are disruptive and make it difficult for the staff to take orders from the clients.

4) Quick Advertisement Of The Restaurant's New Offers

If your restaurant is coming up with new offers or new dishes, the restaurant sends push notifications to loyal customers. Hence, making it known among the customers within no time and without effort. This way launching some new offer can be availed by the customers within the proper time offer.

5) Intimate Connections With The Customers

The customers have your app on their phones. This way, they really are stick to your restaurant and have made your restaurant a 'to-go' option for the hunger pangs that hits them throughout the day. The efficacy and efficiency of your restaurant Mobile App multiples the base of your loyal customers. The customers find your App in handy and easy to use. That makes the customers develop a comfort level with your restaurant.

6) A Mobile App Keeps Track Of The Market Competition

The customer's feedback, review actually helps in the ideas that bring improvement to the restaurants. What's desirable? What's new? What's in trend? The answers to these questions can only be provided by the type of feedback your restaurant gets on the App. Otherwise, it becomes way difficult to connect to the consumers and ask them individually about the service satisfaction or their desirability.

Also, marketing rules and trends can be better traced via online platforms nowadays. Online is a dominant dimension for businesses and global trends. So, a Mobile App is very much needed in the whole aspect.


That's one valid question. You must be in doubt whether your Mobile App will make it in the online world of Apps. Well, the answer is:

In the US alone, $9 billion deliveries and take-outs are done through mobile apps. Whereas, $61 billion deliveries and take-outs are done through offline channels.

This implies that there is enough marketplace for your restaurant to grow using a mobile app. The scope of growing your sales through a mobile app is still high. As if you create a mobile app for your restaurant, chances are higher, it will be shown in the top searches in the food delivery apps.

About The Author
Nida Khattak

Nida Khattak is a researcher, content writer, and columnist, currently working at Coding Pixel, a Los Angeles App Development Company. She writes for various newspapers like the Daily Times. With the passion for research and writing combined, she keeps herself up-to- date with the latest trends in technology and writes about it. Also, she writes on various political and social issues.

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