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Why You Need Mobile App For your Retail Business?

Nowadays, each one of us has the mobile devices in their pockets. It has also completely changed the way we use phones. The retail business is also taking advantage of these tiny devices to reach their customers and provide a better customer experience.

Many businesses worldwide are offering a wide range of products. They have become accessible from every corner of the world. Using printed advertisements, handing out leaflets and hanging billboards has become a thing of past. People are adopting digital methods for advertising and attracting more customers.

Now, you will say we don’t need any digital method to sell our products to our forever loyal customers. But that ‘loyalty forever’ to is long lost as people are being made accessible to the same or higher quality products at a reasonable price. So, you can think for yourself that your customers are no longer going to stick with you unless you provide them with a great customer experience and of course, something new.

According to SaleCycle, the worldwide sales data shows that mobile accounts for around 50% of online sales in most regions, and app sales generally outnumber those on mobile web.

There are other statistics that show the growth in usage of retail store app:

  • In Europe, mobile apps for retail business generate around 50% of sales.
  • These mobile apps for retail industry have the capacity to have three times more conversion rate than the web.
  • The in-app sales have grown around 44% in the last few years.

Here are some ways in which mobile apps for retail business will prove advantageous for your business:

  1. Give more value to your customers

    " Customer creates the most value for you at the point he thinks you are creating the most value for him."

    You need to create value for your customers by identifying the pain point and making the purchasing simpler and happy. Having a mobile app for retail business allows building relationships with modern customers to ensure their loyalty.  The customer who thinks a retailer is providing great service keeps returning to the app. The retail store app makes the customer feel valued by enhancing their experience.

    Providing incentives to your regular customers and providing enchanting offers to attract a few new customers can make your mobile app for retail industry a huge success. This can help you gain a huge audience for your products as people are always interested in something affordable.

  2. Stronger brand

    " A brand is a story that is always told."

    A mobile app for retail industry offers your customers awareness of your brand. The more your customers trust you, the more they keep coming back to you. Through your app, you can demonstrate to your users how you are different than the others in the retail industry and why they should trust you. You can depict what your brand actually stands for in front of your target audience.

  3. Better connection with your customers

    " Remember, no matter how good your feedback is, you always start over with the next customer."

    Customer service is not just about face to face communication between your smiling sales associates and customers. Even if you get good feedback from one customer, you have to start from scratch when the other customer arrives. There is a difference in the behavior of every customer that enters your shop. Your sales associate, although well-trained, is a human. They have their own exhaust point too. It is not possible for them to provide the same quality service each time.

    Opting for a retail store app proves to be a game-changer at times like these. The app can provide efficient customer service to each and every customer without getting tired.
    Each time, the performance quality will be the same, unlike humans with mood swings.

    And the app also makes sure you are presenting the best customer experience by mere its presence. Many of the businesses use apps with the primary purpose of providing better customer service.

  4. Boost your revenue

    "Online presence replaces nothing but enhances everything."

    When the customer is satisfied, your sales increase too. Your sales are influenced by how your customer feels when they are at your shop. If they are treated well, they get interested in your products and business. The customer keeps coming back if they get quality products at reasonable prices along with the experience. And be very sure, word of mouth spreads far and wide. If one customer gets good value, he is sure to tell ten more. So, your app is the showcase which can attract thousands of customers. If you have products that your customers are attracted to, you are going to earn more and more profits every day. That’s how the retail store app can make a change in your revenue generation.

What is the cost of a mobile app for retail business and which mobile app development company can help you to build a retail store app?

The cost of each app depends on the various features and modules that are imbibed in it. Each business has different requirements. So, the cost of developing a mobile app for retail store changes according to the requirement. We have made such mobile apps for retail industry for many clients. You can check the case study for such an that we have developed for two of our clients https://www.coruscatesolution.com/case-studies/ecommerce/.

Coruscate is a company which has engaged many inquiries regarding the retail business mobile app development and has provided unique solutions to many of the clients. Our talented team of developers can build an excellent user-friendly app for your retail business and can help you in earning more and more profits along with an increased rate of customer satisfaction.

About The Author
Vishal Virani

Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading mobile app development company. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development and latest technology trends.

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