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What To Look Out For At Casinos In 2018

There are lots of exciting developments happening in 2018 in the world of online gambling and the industry is experiencing a technological revolution. This year we will see lots of new casinos that utilize Blockchain technology to provide a new transparent gambling experience with the lowest house edge in the history gambling. In this article, I will talk about what you can expect to see this year and the top trends.

#1: Bitcoin And The Blockchain

Gambling using Bitcoin is on the increase and now 10% of the total gambling revenue is generated through cryptocurrencies. There are many new companies that are using the Blockchain technology to create unique gambling games that have almost zero house edge. Crypto give many advantages such as anonymous, instant financial transactions, and most importantly provably fair software. In 2018 expect this trend to continue and look out for initial coin offerings for new gambling companies.


#2: Live Dealers

It used to be hard work finding a site to play live dealer games in real-time due to the speed of the internet and devices that could not cope with the vast amounts of data required to stream live. Now we are at a point where it works perfectly and you will feel like your actually in the casino betting live. The best choice of live dealer games can be found at https://www.unibet.co.uk/livecasino along with some huge bonuses to give you free chips to play with.


#3: USA Gambling Trends 2018

New laws are being created to legalize online gambling along with sports betting in the United States. Not all state will take part but it is a big step forward and soon players from here will be able to gamble in the knowledge that they are not breaking any laws. This is a great step forward and will hopefully put an end to the huge black-market in betting that takes place due to it being illegal. The battle between politicians and gambling companies in the USA is far from over but the signs are looking positive for the industry going forward.


#4: Asia Gambling Trends 2018

Gambling online in Asia is on the increase and more operators are moving into this area to take advantage of the huge growth. Japan is leading the way and legislation is predicted to be passed this year to make it legal. There are only going to be a handful of licenses given out so it will be a fierce battle between the domestic companies who gets them.

In China, the industry is going to suffer yet again as the Chinese authorities clamp down on illegal gambling once again. Most operators in Asia will avoid setting up their headquarters here and instead set up in more gambling-friendly nations such as Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, Macau and South Korea.


#5: Europe Gambling Trends 2018

In Europe, gambling companies are facing a battle with regulators and the industry is facing a lot of scrutinizes. It is expected that new laws will be passed that makes it harder to offer services in this part of the world. The UK is the country in Europe that has the toughest laws in place and this is expected to get even more strict by the end of the year.



Expect a boom ins gambling in South America and especially Brazil. There are lots of new venues opening their doors in 2018 here so expect to see substantial growth. The trend towards more skill based games will continue as players make the switch from traditional casino games to unique titles like Gambit and GameCo.

About The Author
Tony Samboras

This article was written by sports devotee Tony Samboras. As a noteworthy fan of football Tony is persistently taking after the latest developments that happen around his most cherished events. Tony's other work includes contributing his knowledge to sports betting, Technology, and business trend.

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