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What are the Effective Ways to Promote a Small Business App?

According to Statista, there are about 3.48 million apps in the Google Play Store.

Massive! Isn’t it?

Now, if your business app, too, holds a space in the vast channel of Google Playstore, or even Apple App Store for that matter, know what you must do to get a 5-star rating.

To begin with, you all would agree to the fact that resources to pursue a business stays the same for everyone. The only thing creating a difference is channelising the given resources to the advantage of your business.

Here you will find some of the simplest yet effective strategies to increase the outreach of your business App.

1. Flutter Push Notifications:

The first strategy in line of order is to make use of Push Notifications. And when it is about Push Notifications, what could better serve the purpose than flutter push notifications.

It not just leaves a gentle reminder on the mobile screens of your customer but helps you reap the benefit of active customer engagement. Unlike marketing advertisements, push notifications are all about sending customised and relevant messages to your customers that might interest them in buying your products and services.

Push notifications involve detailed research contrary to the traditional way of dropping flyers or pamphlets which generally facilitates one-sided communication.


2. Running a Blog:

Blogging is not just about generating content on the internet but about bridging the gap between you and your customers.

By writing what you intend to convey to your audience, you not just spread the word about your products/services but can also have their feedback on it at the same time. Apart from contributing to improving your SEO ranking, a blog becomes the face of your business that holds the power of taking your business to the next level.

3. Social Media:

Social Media offers a variety of platforms where you can easily promote your business app. It can either be done organically or on a paid basis. The sole purpose remains to create a robust presence over the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and so on.

With most people spending a big chunk of their time on social media apps, your business not directing sufficient efforts in promoting the app on such platforms implies missing out on a golden opportunity.

4. Online Communities:

Online Community is yet another powerful mode of having active customer engagement. It engages the audience for a whole lot of business activities that you plan in the course of your business.

From informing your customers about your upcoming campaign to collecting valuable feedback on your last business launch, it takes a simple exercise of creating an expansive online community that later becomes the wealth of information.

By creating an online community, you are not just ensuring a robust online presence but making a network of people sharing a genuine interest in your products/services will serve the long term goal of having customer retention at its best.

5. Creating Content on Youtube:

Do not undermine the importance of creating your business Youtube Channel.

Most people like to indulge in the video content to which Youtube serves the best it could. Also, to gain quick and easy access to information, they rely on nothing but Youtube.

So, with significant content floating on the Youtube channel, you can fairly exploit the opportunity of gaining large subscribers while having to spread the word about your business. You can exercise the same by showcasing your product line, offering relevant information, provisioning solutions to their problems and so on.

6. Search Ads:

Today, Google Search is one such ritual that most people perform religiously. People like to be informed and never miss typing their queries on the Google search tab before making any purchase. So what makes you think that investing a fair share in Search Ads would not do for your business?

Today, Search Ads are among the most popular ways of increasing the brand awareness of your business. And if you have an app to promote relating to your business, then posting a Search Add with relevant keywords is by far the best resort that you opt for.

You can start by creating a Google Adsense account and get started with your app promotion.

6. Offer lucrative Deals and Discounts:

The easiest way of luring customers is to begin by offering them heavy deals and discounts. If your business is floating in the initial stages, it becomes a must to invite them to try your products and services. And calling people attention with attractive deals and discounts has been the catch ever since.

Also, for an app to successfully sustain itself in the memory of the customer's smartphone, it must stay consistent with the deals and discounts while keeping the interest of your customers active and alive.

Take Away

The crux of the post is to stay consistent with the efforts that you put while promoting your business app so that you could see your business having a firm grip in the market.

Digital Technology is evolving at a speeding rate, and so are the modes of marketing. So the implication is to never stick to the same ways. Never hold your business to step into the uncharted waters because it is there that you would find the ultimate success of your business that it truly deserves.


About The Author

WonderPush helps you to promote your business app. It provides you with Flutter Push Notifications to target users effectively, around the world.

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