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Want To Create Your Own Mobile App Without Using Code?

There was a time when designing an app meant hiring the services of a programmer. It took weeks, months, and sometimes even years to create an app. However, things have changed in this modern era. You will come across numerous app-building platforms online. These platforms help you build an app in minutes and without using any codes. One of the most popular platforms in this category is Andromo.

Andromo is one of the most popular app-making platforms suitable for both Android and iOS. You can easily make any number of Android and iOS (beta) apps using Andromo. In addition, the app-building platform lets you develop apps even if you lack coding skills.

Steps Involved For Creating an App

Creating an app on Andromo is as simple as 1-2-3. There are just three simple steps involved in the creation of an app using Andromo.

  1. You need to sign up and create an Andromo project for the type of app you wish to make. You do not require any coding skills for this. All you will need is a clear idea of the type of app that you want to build. Do not forget to enter some details for the app.

  2. Once you are with the first step, the next step involves adding your preferred styles and features to your app. You will also be able to add videos, content, audio, and several other features. This also includes money-generating features that may consist of ads and polls.

  3. After you feel happy with the features, you need to click for either Android or Apple, and the platform will develop the app for the chosen OS. You will find the app ready within minutes, and you will also receive the same in your email. Upload it on the AppStore or Google Play Store.

Andromo app building platform has been trusted by millions of app developers from different corners of the globe. The platform has successfully maintained the trust of its users for more than 7 years. In this era when mobile apps prove to be the future, Andromo has proved to be a boon in disguise for all app developers.

Thanks to the Andromo app-building platform, more and more people are coming up to build their apps with confidence. It will not be wrong to say that this platform has allowed many people to reach thousands of mobile users from across the planet.

Benefits of Using Andromo Platform

There are several app-building platforms available online. However, not all of them will provide you the benefits that you can enjoy with the Andromo app building platform. Some of these benefits are discussed below.

  1. Simple User Interface (UI): One of the most significant benefits of using the Andromo platform is the simple user interface (UI). It is native, and anybody can use it without much technical knowledge.

  2. Quick Building Process: The building process of an app on this platform hardly takes much time. It is not just fast, but the platform is equally reliable.

  3. Introduction of New Features: Another main benefit of using the Andromo platform is the constant introduction of new updates and features. This helps you build better apps on the platform.

  4. Monetization: Andromo provides you several ways to monetize your apps. Thus, making it one of the best platforms to develop new apps.

  5. Build on The Go: Thanks to the Andromo app building platform, you can quickly build your app while on the move. Andromo allows you to build apps with the help of simple templates. These include videos, content, and much more.

  6. Give Shape To Your Ideas And Earn: With the help of this platform, you can easily create an app that will be usable, intuitive, and enticing. Whether you wish to build an app with guide maps, games, explainer videos, or electronic books, Andromo lets you fulfil your dream. You can keep your app users more interested all the time and generate revenue quickly. Andromo features like a simple app development process lets you do so.

  7. Multi-Lingual Support: Andromo provides you with handy multi-lingual support. It is a built-in feature that pre-translated content in 24 different languages. Some include Chinese, English, German, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and much more.

Is It Necessary To Use An App Builder For Your Business?

Even in these modern times, you will come across many business people who still believe that using an app builder for a business is a waste of time and money. But, on the contrary, there are several benefits of using an app builder for your business to grow in the future.

  1. Easily Connect With Your Customers: Using an app builder helps you create an app for your business, letting you stay in touch with your customers. With the number of smartphone users rising in leaps and bounds, creating an app to stay connected with your customers makes sense.

  2. Help Your Customers Gain Value: In this modern era of tough competition in every sector, staying ahead of your competitors is very important. This is possible by increasing your customer base. A straightforward way of doing so is making your customers feel important. You can give loyalty programs to your most loyal customers. This can be by way of loyalty points and rewards.

  3. Enhance Brand Recognition: Successful branding of your products will result in overall success for your business. Two companies may sell similar products. However, if you have better branding, you will undoubtedly have the edge over your competitors. This is easily possible with the help of your business app.

  4. Boost Your Sales: Today, more and more people are shifting their focus from buying things from their desktops and laptops to shopping on their smartphones. This means, to boost your sales, you need to come up with an app. With the help of a shopping app, your customers will find it easier and more convenient to shop using their smartphones while on the move.

About The Author
Franklin Wootkin

Franklin Wootkin is a developer at Andromo. He is happy to help and tries to tell everyone about new technologies, he is passionate about everything new in the world of web technologies and tries to learn everything at once. Not so long ago he started his own Twitter to share his impressions and opinions about new technologies

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