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Top 8 Android & iOS apps to lock all your private pics and videos

Technology has progressed notably in this contemporary world. We presently have smartphones instead of just normal phones and iPods instead of a walkman. There is inevitably a threat to our privacy when it comes to technology.

We have smartphones, and we share images and videos on a daily basis. But what about a situation where we lose our phones or someone else tries to dodge our privacy? In such situations, we require security in our phones like some apps that'll support us hide private photos and videos easily. These apps will secure your photos and videos and make sure there is no intruding.

Here, we have listed some really functioning apps that'll not only lock your photos and videos but will also keep them safe from foreign hands.

Top 8 Android & iOS apps to lock your private photos and videos

Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)

This app has been named as the 'App of the Year' by Times Magazine. The key reason why this app tops our list is because of the features it provides. Gallery Lock app can hide your pictures and videos and keep them safe.

It supports cloud backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. This app also supports folders, and you can choose your own design on this app. The user interface is friendly with an easy PIN and pattern access.

Private Photo Vault

This app provides assistance in creating a PIN-protection on folders in your photo and video albums. It also enables you to create further security passwords on separate folders in the app. Private Photo Vault is the best app in providing utmost security to your private photos and videos.

The fantastic security of this app lets you enjoy features like sending you a report directly when someone tries intruding your phone by entering wrong passwords. It secretly takes a photo of the intruder. This app is free on both Android and iOS platforms.


The best feature of Vault is it lets you edit your photos and videos inside its covert database. You need a PIN that protects your vaults. It allows you to enjoy the mugshot feature where you can directly find out who has been trying to get into your photo and videos folders.

Vaulty additionally offers a free automatic online backup of your data and keeps them secure. This feature is valuable if you lose your phone.

Keep Them Safe

This app is one of the most useful apps as it helps you hiding all your private photos and videos hassle-free. You have to log in to the app with your email ID, and you're good to go. You can set up a desired PIN, pattern, and a password that'll lock your images and secure them from interlopers.

It also lets you systematize your files into separate folders and you can rename them accordingly. You can also go for its highly developed encryption feature like the military grade encryption. It enables you to unlock your data as per your convenience. It works on both Android and iOS platforms.


Fotox makes sure every photo and video in your gallery is secured. You can lock your images and videos by simply setting up a face-lock. Only you can open your gallery with this Secret Gallery lock app and if someone tries opening your folders, he’ll receive a fake crash pop-up making him believe there might be something wrong with the folder.

You can also create a backup of your photos. The best part of Fotox is it lets you take a photo directly. It also allows you to import any photo or video from your gallery to Fotox. It runs efficiently on iOS and Android phones.

Private Zone

This app handles a lot more than just hiding your private photos and videos. If you are constantly bothered about your phone's privacy, this simple privacy app is perfect for you. It lets you enjoy a free private VPN check, custom lock screen app, anti-theft and harassment/spam call intercept. It also lets you boost your RAM.

The sole troublesome thing in Private Zone is its constant and repetitive ads which can be more than frustrating for people using it. If you prefer the premium version of the app, you can get rid of these ads and use them effectively.

Secret Calculator

This wonderful app justifies its name by privately working as a calculator to secure all your private data that includes photos, videos, gifs, and images. You need to create a confidential four-digit password and an enticing icon.

To establish more isolated security, you can use pattern locks, touch IDs, and PIN. It enables you to lock your photos and videos and edit your photos effectively. It also protects your texts.

Hide it pro

This is a wonderful app that works behind a seemingly risk-free audio player. It keeps all of your media safe and sound. Your intruder will never have any idea of where you would have kept your secret photos and videos.

The secret to unveil your data is to long-press the app. If you tap it once, it will just disclose essential volume buttons. It is completely free to use. Hide it pro enables you to create separate folders and connect your data in them.

You can arrange your files accordingly and select those files or folders that you wish to hide. This app also features a slideshow where you can view your media without concealing them or taking out of the app. There are an encryption option and a lock screen that aids you in shielding and locking your applications.


These apps listed here not only secure your private photos and videos, but also your texts and other application. With progressive technology, there comes a threat to our privacy, and it is of great significance to secure our personal data so that nobody can misuse them at any cost.

These apps are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. There might be some in-app purchases to withdraw ads but all of these above-listed apps are free to download.

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Noman shaikh

Noman shaikh is a Digital marketing Head at Yelowmobi which is known for developing top-notch hide photos and videos apps. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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