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The Top 5 Product App Of 2018

These days the number of people using Smartphone is increasing every second. With the increase of smartphone users, new apps are also coming into the marketplace. Apps help in adding more features to your smartphone and if you are looking for some cool apps to install, you are at the right place. In this article, we will share details regarding top 5 apps of 2018 that you would love to use.


Currently, 1weather is the best weather app out there and there is no doubt regarding the same.  The app is very simply designed which makes the users easy to understand it. The apps telecasts 12 weeks weather condition along with some other cool stats.  The app is also customizable. The best feature of this app is its simplicity. By paying $1.99 you will be able to remove ads, however, it will not add any new feature.

Google Drive Suite

One can never have enough storage for their smartphone, be it any smartphone. Google Drive is a cloud storage solution which offers 15GB free primary storage upon signing up with Google. If you need more than 15 GB, you can always buy more storage. The suits of Android apps that are attached with Google drive make the app even more useful and interesting. It comes with Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Keep and Google Photos.  All these apps are very useful in our daily life hence Google Drive is a must-have app for everybody.


If you are someone who is into writing, having a grammar app is very essential for you. It helps in many ways. It helps in making sure that you are sending grammatically correct contents to your clients. eAngel is one of those grammar apps that will ensure that your writing does not contain any grammatical errors in it. Now eAngel proofreading application is available on Android and iPhones as well. The app comes with a free trial and later you can choose the plan that you like. The app comes with 3 different paid plans. Using this app will surely take your writing career to a whole new level.  Previously, eAngel was available only as a website, however, now you can download it on your Smartphone and use it whenever and wherever you want.

Google Maps

Well, this one is very popular and everybody has this application on their phone. However, some people don’t use it. Google Maps is a very helpful tool and ensures that you reach your destination correctly and on time. Google Maps virtually owns all other navigation apps and remains to be the best navigation app for the longest period of time. Google updates it very frequently, almost every week and adds new features. Along with the basic data, the app also provides access to places of interest, accurate and live traffic data, directions to nearby stops and many other things. If you use this app for some time, we are pretty sure that you will not want to use any other app.

LastPass Password Manager

Saving passwords safely is very important and we generally tend to lose them. It is a must have application for all Android users as it lets you save all your login credentials safely. Along with it, it will also help you to generate unusual passwords that no one can guess. It is a cross platform application hence you can use it both on your Smartphone and on your desktop or laptop as well, isn’t it cool?


So these are the best apps that you should download in 2018 and make your life more simple and perfect, both at the same time.

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Mohsin Ali

Well, i am a writer more than two years of experience working as a content writer & SEO Consultant and helping thousands of people build a voice of their business or Projects.

If you want SEO Services please contact me at - Mohsinally490@gmail.com

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