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The Best VR Mobile App To Ensure Better UX

The world of mobile is ever changing with the continual development in technology and its use. If you follow the trend you will see that there is a new mobile app developed and released almost every day, all of which are aimed to provide the best user experience. It is very important for a mobile app to be high on UX because that will ensure its ranks, usability and worth.

The latest in the market of mobile apps till date are the best virtual reality apps that offer 360 virtual tours.

Virtual tours have already become a reality. For a newbie this may seem like magic when it is said that in VR all you need is a cardboard if you want to visit any place literally from the comfort of your sofa! Cardboard, you may ask. What on earth that has to do with virtual reality?

Well, virtual reality projects are much like a video player but it is specifically designed for cardboard powered VR app. In one word there are, ‘wonderful.’ In fact, in these modern times these apps are extensively used by any digital marketing company, especially those related to a real estate business promotion.

About VR apps

When it comes to VR mobile apps, there is one word that can explain it to its true meaning and value and that is: immersion.

  • These mobile apps offer you with exactly that to ensure that you eventually have an incredible virtual experience.
  • With such apps you can literally enter into the virtual world and visit the most vibrant cities and places on this planet.
  • These virtual tours offered by these mobile apps are in fact a great and most effective way to make the users to better understand about the place they want to stay or travel to.
  • It also helps them to imagine what they could do at different locations and even get a home decorating idea.

Different mobile apps have different purposes and usability and depending on these factors it may have different episodes. Each may have a distinct episode preview as well as a player modified for cardboard. This reacts to the specific location of the phone in the space.

Prototyping is the key

The success of a mobile app largely depends on its prototyping. This will make it different from all of the existing virtual reality apps. Since virtual reality technology is still developing, there are not may apps you will find on Google Play as off now but whatever you will find will surely catch your eye and provide a memorable user experience.

It is all due to the wireframes for the virtual reality apps that determines the entire functionality of these apps.

Starting with the welcome screen which is the first screen that a user sees while using a mobile app, it is important to design it in such a way that it creates intrigue. This is usually done in a specific way that involves:

  • Displaying an outstanding panorama of an impressive place or an object
  • Providing the users with a static view and
  • Showing a deep perspective of the matter and things to expect.

These steps will enthrall the user right from the time they open the app and go to the sign up screen of the virtual reality app.

When a user signs up, next comes up the authorization screen which actually meets with the requirements of the clients to implement user authorization. This is a process that is not meant to affect the user experience in a bad way but is necessary as most of the mobile apps do not have a user profile. Use of an authorization screen is much feasible and faster than submitting an email to the app which is also a bit annoying especially when you will only watch a couple of episodes.

Since virtual reality is the primary objective most people often agree to this opinion of the client and fill in such a registration form for the app.

List of episodes

The next important thing of a mobile app is the list of episodes. This is the list that contains all of the featured episodes as well as those remaining ones that are not featured.

  • Few apps may have only one list of episodes that will contain all of it and highlight the featured ones visually by putting them on top of the list.
  • On the other hand a few app may have two lists of episodes, one for the featured episodes and the other for the episodes remaining that are not featured.

What is more, the featured episodes in this list are always expanded just as it is seen in the preview.

When the list is divided in two tabs, the user usually gets to see all of the featured episodes in expanded form, and on the other hand by clicking on the second tab they can see a complete list of all other episodes.

Few apps may also have in its second list a few other things such as:

  • A picture displayed
  • The name of the episode
  • The loading status
  • The size of the episode
  • The option to delete the downloaded episodes and
  • The option to download others.

This is just moving away from the common-sense rules regarding uniformity in the app that may be distressing for any matured designer.

The episode preview

Much similar to the Featured Episode screen, a panorama picture may be inserted in it which may be similar to the one you will see in the Welcome Screen of the mobile app. This is practice that is followed by most of the mobile app designers on purpose so that the users have something to look at while the episode downloads. This ensures better engagement and stay by the users.

Once the episode is downloaded, you will find a “Play” button appearing on the preview page which when pressed will launch the video in a player for virtual reality cardboard. Sometimes this can have expanded parameters making the most effective 360 player for the VR mobile app.

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