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The Best 8 Games On Samsung Gear VR

Android app development, at least when it concerns VR seems to be moving at a slow pace. The only time you hear about the VR scene is when you hear of Oculus Touch versus Vive Wand or Vive versus Rift. While the news around VR may paint a slow building industry, the truth is that the virtual reality scene is a thriving one. And the success of the VR sphere isn’t some comprehensive system that requires a PC in a dark room to function correctly. The real hero is in android app development that’ll bring VR to users in a smaller and a relatively cheaper form.

If you’re looking for proof that android app development is the hero of the VR universe, then look no further than Samsung Gear VR. This little device costs only $99 and the only thing you need to run it is a device that millions already carry in their pockets, a modern Android smartphone (preferably a Samsung Galaxy). The Samsung Gear VR also boasts some fascinating games and experiences.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at 9 of the best games currently available on the Samsung Gear VR. If you already own a Samsung Gear VR, then you may want to check some of these games out. And if you don’t, perhaps seeing what’s available on the Samsung Gear will make you want to check it out.

1. Land's End

Since it’s a best to start off with your best foot forward, we’ll be starting this list with what may very well be the best game on Samsung Gear VR and a brilliant showcasing of android app development. The breathtaking ocean view setting is just one of the reminders of how amazing VR is on the Gear headset.

The object of the game is to awaken an ancient civilization using the power of your mind. The mechanics, puzzles, and gameplay all come together in the Gear’s innovative ecosystem to give you an experience that is just as immersive – if not more – than a lot of the titles on the more developed platforms. So if you own a Gear VR, then you want to check this one out.

2. The Well

Turtle Rock, the minds behind The Well, prefer VR scare-fest in their Android app development endeavors such as in Face Your Fears. But they recently released a visually stunning RPG. As the player, you get to do battle with fantastic creatures in this dungeons and dragons inspired experience while enjoying and exploring the extraordinary world of Tholl.

You can get an hour of contents of The Well for just $4.99. The game makes full use of the Gear VR’s latest controller giving you the thrills associated with traditional gaming, which have been mainly absent on Gear.

3. Augmented Empire

If you’re a fan of hardcore turn-based strategy role-playing games and have been looking for a way to scratch that itch (figuratively speaking) in VR, then Augmented Empire will do the trick. You can enjoy this SRPG on your Gear VR to the fullest; no console or PC needed. This is probably the biggest game currently available on Gear, but it is definitely worth your time.

Augmented Empire utilizes a mission structure mainly inspired by Mass Effect and combines exciting strategic gameplay with an array of characters that you’ll come to care for. The result? A luxurious experience you’ll be hard-pressed to forget.

4. End Space

The Gear VR already contains a lot of space shooter, but the difference between all those and End Space is that End Space utilizes a simulation-like approach. It is also slower paces, has more structured objectives and more massive environments.

If you love space shooters and Sci-fi games, then you’ll love End Space. It has more than enough content to keep anyone busy, has a great world, and superb single-player missions. The success of End Space alone helped to launch an entire game studio which goes to show how brilliant this game is.

5. Dark Days

While this isn't the scariest game on the list, it is still one of the more psychologically disturbing Gear VR games till date. It channels Twin Peaks and the X-Files to provide you with tasks that'll have you exploring creepy location to uncover an occult mystery. But surprise, surprise, the occult fights back to keep their secret buried.

6. Skylight

This particular game is a bit harder to describe as it combines genres in the most clever of ways. It is a mixture of real-time strategy and turns based games which defy conventions and opens up the door for something genuinely awe-inspiring in VR.

The moment you put on the mobile VR headset and start the game, you are transported into a world that closely mirrors that of Enders Game. This VR representation of space-based warfare requires a tactical mindset to win and winning feels so very refreshing.

7. Affected: The manor

If you’re looking for a game that’ll scare you, then Affected: The Manor is the right game for the task. It’ll make you scream, scare you, and may cause you to double your underwear budget.

As you navigate through this titular haunted mansion in the Gear’s VR, it is next to impossible for you not to scream at the top of your lungs, dissolve into a complete psychotic mess and even if you are more courageous than most, you’ll end up closing your eyes sooner or later.

8. Wands

If you grew up on Lord of The Rings or Harry Potter, then chances are the world of magic has a special place in your heart. Wand captures that love of wizardry and turns it into a creative and fun Gear VR experience.

Battle with magic and develop your wizarding skills – all of which is made more enjoyable by the gothic art style. Wands is guaranteed to make you feel better for not getting a particular letter from a castle in Scotland.


The Samsung Gear VR is the ultimate cohesion of android app development and VR. Thanks to the Gear VR, you no longer need to own an expensive console or PC to be able to immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality. What better way to explore the VR scene than with the games listed above? So grab your Samsung Gear VR and start discovering new worlds.

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