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Must-Have Apps for the International Freelance Worker

Having the right tools is very important for any freelancer to produce his best work. As a freelancer, you have to manage different tasks, work expenditure and productivity all by yourself. However to do your freelancing job successfully it is important to make use of your available resources correctly. Given below are some such resources that can help you do your job efficiently.

1- RescueTime

With so many distractions in today's life and especially while working on computers, it is easy to get distracted. RescueTime is a fantastic application that helps you keep track of how much time you spend on the computer and also allows you later analyze how this time was spent and make necessary improvements for efficient use of your time.

2- OpenOffice

As a freelancer and especially if you are a writer, you need office tools for your computer. OpenOffice is one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Office. OpenOffice not only provides tools comparable to Microsoft Office, but it's also a writing platform that provides easy exporting to PDF, making it perfect for e-books, guides and many other similar documents which can be easily shared on the PDF format. It has the facility with a similar selection of fonts and other tools (charts, formatting, etc.) that Microsoft Office provides. Above all it is free!

3- WriteRoom (Mac)

As a writer, it is important to focus while writing and especially when working for a big project. Generally, a large screen is very helpful for this and WriteRoom is the best thing to have.

With WriteRoom you can avoid seeing any other features even the menu options and you are left with, on your screen, only a black background. The WriteRoom, in fact, takes away all other things from your screen so that you can focus only on what you are writing.

4- Dropbox

Dropbox is fantastic in the sense that it allows you to synchronize all files on all of your devices with a simple drag-n-drop option.

Dropbox; infact helps you save time which otherwise is wasted in finding your work or in waiting for its downtime or some time you get stuck for not finding the required file that you need: Dropbox help you sync all of your files and your work will be "in the cloud", accessible from any device and from anywhere any time.

5- Evernote

Being a human being, we possibly cannot store every piece of information, idea, picture, etc. we come across daily for a long time. Especially given the pace of technology and the gadgets we use today where every other minute we are faced with new information through different apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. It is simply not possible to remember every new idea correctly in our mind.

But today's technology has solved this problem and now with the help of Evernote; we can capture any ideas, images, or audio clips from our PC or Cell phone and then sync it and have easy retrieval and edits anytime and anywhere. Now Evernote can keep track of our moments of creativity and store them so we can review these and work on them whenever we want.

6- Ria Money Transfer

Keeping an app like Ria money transfer is a must for freelancers because it allows you to easily carry out international money transfer from anywhere in the world. This way you can send money to your family and friends living abroad or in another country.


Freelancers have to stay focus and committed to their work in order to excel because they are answerable to themselves. In order to increase their productivity and focus they can take help from multiple amazing apps such as those mentioned above.

About The Author
Sharon Kalipai

Sharon Kalipai is a contributing writer at Sparkwebs LLC, a Digital and Content Marketing Agency in Denver, CO. When she’s not writing, she loves to travel, dance and read books.

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