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Maximize Instagram Engagement in 2020 – Smart steps to follow

It's 2020! And if you are thinking about maximizing your Instagram engagement this year, you aren't alone. With several creative brands fighting to get people's attention and smart algorithm updates, today, you need to work hard to maximize your Instagram engagement. However, currently, Instagram happens to be one of the ideal places where you can market your brand, develop a loyal community, and gain several loyal followers and customers. A little competition will not act as a roadblock.

Instagram is one of the best places where you can connect with your fans. It might be a challenge to know whether your audience is resonating with your content or not. That is one of the ways to maximize engagement. Many marketers and brands have considered Instagram likes as one of the prime elements to indicate user engagement. However, currently, Instagram has started to hide likes, which at times become challenging to decide the content performance. But that doesn't mean you can't get work towards getting Instagram likes. If you want to increase your Instagram likes within a short period, you can check out . There are service providers that help you to purchase video views as well as Instagram posts likes. 

Once you get the video views and likes in place, you can move to other ways to increase Instagram engagement. Here you can make the most of DMs, Instagram Stories, shares, and the like. In 2020, Instagram engagement will become more holistic. Here are a few strategies that you can opt-in for:

1. You need to make the content "saveable"

Do you want to enhance your Instagram strategy? If yes, then here is the best method to boost your Instagram videos and post. It would be best if you made the content "saveable" and then post it in the feed. It would be best if you considered all that is essential for your audience, and that way, you can make a meaningful post. You can post anything here from a humorous quote to an Infographic meme. Make sure that you add a CTA (Call to Action) as you save the post. It will draw your audience's attention and help you to get more engagement. 

2. Start a conversation using Instagram Stories Stickers

Today, about 500 million Instagram accounts make use of the Instagram Stories feature. The number will rise in the coming days and years. Hence, Instagram has been coming up with intelligent ways to use stickers to interact with followers. When you use an Instagram Story Sticker, you can motivate your users, followers, and target customers to share their views and experiences.

One of the best features to use here is the question sticker. Here the customers can ask the brand anything and wait to get their desired information. Most social influencers on Instagram have been using the question sticker so that their audience can know them better. You can also use this feature to answer audience questions and ask your audience a few pertinent questions. You can start a conversation about the topic you should cover on the next post or what your followers think about your Instagram graphic design. This feature allows you to create a dialogue, gather consumer feedback, and increase engagement.

3. Test and assess various content types

The best Instagram strategy is to amplify user engagement and curate the best content results from experimentation. You might find it challenging to test various types of content on Instagram. Still, it is essential if you want to take your Instagram social media promotion activity to the next level. Through trial and error, you can come up with the content that will enable you to stay ahead of the curve and help you draw more customers and followers. You can also ask followers to share their feedback and thoughts. It will provide you the perspective and insight with which you can create a new strategy.

4. Add some fun

You need to put in adequate time, planning, and effort to get your Instagram Stories correct! And there's no strict rule that you need to share only informative content. You can add a fun element, as that will make your post attractive to your followers. Today, more brands are adding features of fun, wit, and humor. They are preparing content on the trending Instagram topics that resonate with their brand and industry vertical and add a humorous spin to it. Brands can also experiment with funny videos and feature senior management and employees as well. It will help them to create a personal connection with the audience. And while doing this, you can add exciting filters and convert your posts to GIFs or other available formats.

People love brands that experiment with their content and add some fun. It makes the content and brand more desirable that in turn, will increase customer engagement.

About The Author

Randy is a Business Tech Analyst. He is very responsible for his job. He loves to share his knowledge and experience with his friends and colleagues.

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