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Latest Mac OS ? Sierra

macOS Sierra is the upcoming thirteenth macOS, Apple Inc.'s desktop and server operating system for Macintosh computers

Some new features & knowledge about Sierra is:


1. The macOS Name

In 2016, macOS is "macOS Sierra" named for the Sierra Nevada mountains that span from central California to Nevada.


2. Siri Integration

For the first time, Apple's Siri personal assistant is available on Macs through macOS Sierra. Siri can perform the same functions available on iOS. Siri is able to search through your files to quickly find content that you're looking for with queries. Some examples like:

  • Get directions to the closest coffee shop
  • How much free space is on my Mac?
  • Show me photos I took last year
  • Much more . . .


3. Continuity

There are expanded Continuity features in macOS Sierra, including a new automatic unlocking feature and a universal copy paste option.

Universal Clipboard allows you to copy something on a Mac and then paste it on an iPhone or iPad and vice versa. It's essentially a cross-device copy paste feature.


4. Photos

The Photos application now has improved face recognition. It also features object and scene recognition. It groups similar pictures together using faces, locations and object recognition to create "memories".


5. Apple Music

Apple Music within iTunes has been redesigned, making it simpler to find favorite songs and discover new ones. A new "For You" tab has been added, which suggests new music the user might like (similar to the existing Genius).

A refined MiniPlayer with the ability to view lyrics while you listen has also been introduced.


6. Apple Pay

Apple Pay allows web developers to embed an Apple Pay button on their online shops. In Safari, users can click the Apple Pay button to checkout, and then securely complete purchases using an iPhone or Apple Watch.

Payments are confirmed with a finger on the Touch ID button or through double clicking on the side button of an authenticated Apple Watch.


For more details, please check official macOS Sierra Apple site, Click Here.

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