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How To Grow Your Business With Help Of An Application

An enterprise has to change and evolve with time in order to be relevant to the target audience and stay ahead of the competition. The smartphone has become an inseparable part of everyday life for majority of the world's population and the average time being spent on it by a person is also increasing and this trend can be utilized by an owner for expansion of operations by investing in a business growing application. A mobile- centric solution can act as a force multiplier for any organization and let's have a look at how it is beneficial.

1. Marketing Tool

A mobile app has great potential to be used as a promotional instrument as it can be integrated with various social media network and tap their vast user base for prospective customer generation. All product related information like pricing, discount, short- term offers and new services can be furnished through this channel besides It being easy for existing customers to spread the word by sharing it with their network along with their experiences, helping the product to become known to a wider segment of the market. Specific publicity campaigns can be devised with the help of the demographic and geographical information of the buyers collected via this method.

2. Brand Booster

The amount of visibility that a mobile application provides can be utilized for building the image and reputation of a brand. Even when dormant, an app is there in the line of sight of a subscriber operating the device in the form of the logo and this passive viewing leaves a mental imprint on the person who will definitely remember and access it when in need of a related service. The increased visibility thus provided cannot be matched even by conventional advertising tools like billboards and mixed with professional delivery models can assist in capturing a considerable market segment. A strong brand name with good recall value is the dream of every owner and it can be realised by hiring a trustworthy Android mobile application development service to develop a feature- rich and stylish solution.

3. Increased Revenue

Adding a simple feature of shopping to the mobile version of the venture working in synchronization with the website can drive up the sales figures by providing the user a very convenient method of buying. As more and more people are spending their time viewing a smart gadget's screen for searching and shopping rather than a computer's, attaching the sales functionality to this platform of a business makes sense. The time taken to access an application on a smartphone is much less than starting a computer system and accessing a website and therefore a large number of people have migrated to the former for online shopping. Extending promotional offers exclusively for such consumers will encourage them to download and make payments through this route.

4. Value Addition

This innovative and dynamic method of interaction with one's customers enables to provide them services with enhanced value is probably the biggest asset of a business growing application. Running a loyalty or a referral program and adding more functionalities that increase the convenience of a shopper like expanding payment methods will help retain the existing clients while attracting new ones. Technological advancements have resulted in a customer being spoiled for choice with numerous options available and therefore it becomes essential to add as many benefits as possible so that the increased value options make it all the more attractive.

5. Better Customer Engagement

A client is usually in search of solution to a problem and if found subscribes to the supplier providing it and a mobile amenity functional as well as attractive helps in better involvement of a purchaser. Acquiring a speedy and well- organized tool with simple to use features for all essential functionalities like transaction or after sales support will make a user stay on the platform for a longer period of time on account of better experience. Integrating one's social media account like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. will also help as a prospective client can use these avenues to reach the promoter and on finding the experience fruitful can subscribe to it thus augmenting the consumer base. The clientele can always be employed for marketing purposes by giving them incentives for making recommendations on their networks, in the form of a discount coupon for next time's usage or by offering another product at low prices.

6. Customized Service

The location awareness capabilities of the smartphone apart from other related data generated can be used to dispense tailor- made services as identification of the area and demography of the user base provide a good indicator of the type of commodities or facilities required in a particular location. Not only does it help in growing revenue but it also provides an insight to customer behaviour and their preferences which is always beneficial in planning for the future. In fact the possibilities of creatively using these statistics are numerous ranging from offering a specific set of resources in a certain region to devising a marketing strategy for zones where the product is still not doing well.


The advantages of investing in a business growing application are numberless and those entrepreneurs who have still not developed one for their firms are missing out on a very handy and economical tool for scaling and promoting their ventures. Technological advancements wait for no one and it is essential for commercial organizations to possess qualities of adaptability and innovation to harness the evolution for their own progress.

About The Author
Priyanka Sharma

Priyanka Sharma is a seasoned app developer working for android mobile application development with Mintlogix. Knowledgeable about all aspects of app designing, she is interested in finding about  latest app design tools and discovering innovative mobile marketing techniques. 

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