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How Does An App Boost Your Visibility Online?

It is evident that the use of mobile phones has grown hugely over the years, and it will be in use even in the future, years that are to come to America having almost 40 percent of its population owning smartphones. It is also confirmed that the majority of the people prefer using mobile apps over web browsing with a margin of 81 and 74 minutes on the web in a day which is a significant margin that cannot be assumed. MangoMatter did the research and confirmed that every year the use of apps is growing by 91% which is an upward trend.

How To Go Mobile With Your Website

Ownership of websites has become very normal for most companies. This means that if you have a smartphone then you are in a better place to go mobile. There are different tools that have been designed to help non-developers in the creation of applications at the same the developers can create new applications with programming languages that are of their interest which they can later convert them to formats such as Android or iOS. The main options that are available for programmers include Appcelerator, PhoneGap, and MotherApp. For those that don’t indulge themselves in the developments, MonBase, SassMob, Genwi, RunRev, and AppMakr are better options for them but one should observe due diligence before making the choices.

Benefits Of Apps


Owning an app isn’t a guarantee that you are likely to experience high traffic, but instead, your search engine greatly improved since the application creates a better platform for search option. The majority of the users prefer checking out Apple App Store or Android Market to get the necessary information. Therefore, ownership of the App will make you be more relevant in the searches done on the market. Just as the +1 button commons in the internet market, applications have also been customized in a similar way in such a way that the app gets linked to the webpage which will over time give you a +1s every time you get to give the users with the necessary which they can endorse.


It is confirmed that more often, most consumers using apps can easily be identified with the favorable brand and what they enjoy making purchases. The research also confirmed that an application can be more engaging with the users if they tend to be inclined in giving information such as product reviews, deals information and also tips on cooking compared to entertainment and experimental game applications.

How to Increase Visibility In Local Avenues

QR codes that are well placed have always increased traffic. Most of the times, people tend to prefer QR codes that direct them to apply as compared to those that direct them to mobile website this is because most of the times the website is browsed momentarily before it closes as compared to an app since if the information is interesting one tends to keep the app and refer to it, therefore, making a good recommendation for businesses persuading customers.

Apparently that the use of the app is better compared to websites. This is because there is a creation of more platforms that can increase the traffic needed, which is the key objective when sharing information. Try a different experience by using an app.

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