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How Artificial Intelligence is Reforming the Mobile App Industry?

Not long ago, Artificial Intelligence was a technology that was predominantly popular in the blockbuster movies. I, Robot the movie was one of the many famous movies that talked about how robots are going to be the future, and how they will be more intelligent than human beings.

Today, owing to the rapid growth of technology, AI has become an emerging and one of the most adopted technologies. From being just another concept, today AI has popular use cases in different industries.

When you combine a powerful technology such as AI with mobile apps, you are making the users empowered. You are improving their decision making capabilities.

It is said that by 2020 a lot of customers will be able to manage 85% of their queries using AI. This simply means that you can free up your customer service resources, and help them concentrate on the core queries.

Though the adoption of this technology is still slow, owing to the data breach and other security concerns, you will see that companies are definitely eyeing the technology, and know that it is worth the investment.

AI with mobile apps will offer more capabilities and opportunities to the mobile app developer. There will be more ideas and more readiness among the users to adopt these ideas.

Here we will talk about the ways in which AI has reformed mobile app technology, and how it will enhance the overall experience of using a mobile app.

1 Personalization is the key to conversion

We all know the importance of personalization in ensuring that the users convert, and you get increased profits. Let us understand why?

If you show all products on your catalog to everyone, you will interest no one. For instance, a jewellery brand showcasing earrings to someone who has already purchased them will find that they have not got any new conversions. If you show dairy products to someone who has an allergy or who is on a diet, then you will find that it is a wrong target audience.

How best to ensure that the message reaches the right people? One way is to personalize the store contents to meet the user's needs.

Artificial Intelligence collects the data for the user, creates a segment for the like-minded user, and shows them the products/services that they would prefer. The data collected includes PoS data, transaction data, past order data, demographics, and other location based data.

The idea is to be more relevant and contextual to the end users.

2 Secure app is the gateway to profits

We all are aware of the importance of having a secure app that calls for safe transactions. A secure app will lead users to trust in you and your business, and they will eventually conduct transactions. Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in making your app secure. The predictive and machine learning technology will identify the vulnerabilities in the app, and the app security needs expressed by your user.

Based on the findings, the machine will recommend security changes that you need to make for a longer and healthier life of your mobile app.

Apart from this, AI will help prevent fraud that might occur while people use your app. It will detect aberrations in the pattern, and let you know if a hacker is on the prowl.

With AI, you can introduce new and fully secure ways of entering and moving out of the system. Basically, user access can be more defined with the technology.

There will be fewer chances of hacking as a result of this technology.

3 Searching is now localized and user-friendly

Search is an important aspect of mobile apps. The capabilities of the mobile app listing on search entries have improved as a result of Artificial Intelligence. It has become more localized, and in tandem with the user needs.

For instance, if someone wants to search for cheese varieties, they will get stores that are near them, and the varieties available locally. This is for the groceries app. You can even search the app for in-store items, and know where the products are available.

Apart from localized search, you also have voice commands that allow you to search for the products or services you require. Visual search has also been enabled in the AI powered mobile app solutions.

4 AI-IoT Extra Power in Apps

The apps are now extra powered with the combination of AI and IoT. With the connected devices technology, you can easily collect the required data for the AI to work. Once you have the magic of data and the logic of AI, your mobile apps extend more power to the consumers, thus enabling them towards real-time decision making and processing.

There is information exchange that helps both the businesses and the users towards improving their knowledge about the other, and creating personalized experiences, which will improve brand conversions and loyalty.

5 Better on-boarding with improved UI/UX

In the past, the UX/UX was not given much importance. As a result, apps were designed in accordance with brand's standards.

However, with time UI and UX both were considered important, as the app users were not comfortable with the brand's guidelines alone. They did not find the end result of the app convenient to them.

With AI, you can analyse the different aspects of usage, while considering the users and their usage. You will know better about the users, their usage patterns, their app needs, and their interactions. There is data everywhere that the machines can analyse and memorize.

With AI, apps tend to keep a history of the app usage in their memory, and they will use it to translate their user interface in accordance with the usage and behaviour.

Gamification is also a broadly acknowledged aspect of usage. However, to define the gestures, you need to understand the usage, and where gamification is used. That's why AI is very important to mobile apps, and is literally transforming how it works.

Summing Up

The mobile apps are designed in accordance with the users. As a result, there are a growing number of data-driven and user-centric apps that are complete with features.

With time, intelligent mobile apps are going to reign the future. You will users craving for apps that will connect with them, understand their emotions and react accordingly. Personalization and user understanding being the keywords, you will need to invest in AI for your business, if you wish to survive the competition by differentiating.

About The Author
Happy Patel

Happy Patel is a digital marketing executive at Space-O technologies, an iPhone app development company. She loves to write informative articles and share her knowledge through content marketing. She is an avid reader and likes to read about the latest trends and news in the mobile app industry.

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