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How Allyos Is Different From Other Shopping Apps

When I discovered Allyos I was surprised to learn that it gives all users a fair chance to buy anything for 1 dollar! Yes, a dollar for absolutely anything and that is when it hit me. This could easily be the biggest innovation of the decade. What the creators of the app claim is that this is the world’s first app that facilitates shopping of trendy and luxury products. It works on the principle of crowdfunding and is gaining popularity by every passing day.  Allyos is an app that provides its users the opportunity to buy a new home or a car, a brand new smartphone, a watch, or a gift card and even holidays for just $1. This beautifully designed mobile application is available for both android and iOS users and have  the ability to change the user’s life forever.

What Is Crowdshopping?

Crowdshopping is their all new patented concept that has revolutionized the way we shop online. "Crowdshopping" is when a popular item is made available at a fair price set by businesses within a set timeframe. It remains on offer until all the interested buyers with at least 1 dollar in hand are drawn in. Several buyers get in on a particular deal, enabling businesses to quickly move stock and get the ideal price. Shoppers on the other hand get the best possible deals as well for as little as 1 dollar. As a user of the app you can opt-in on items of various kinds. You can find items of everyday use as well as leading high end luxury brands.

The list of items is not just limited to organic serums and hair conditioners for silky smooth hair but may also showcase a luxury car, expensive designer jewelry, tech gadgets and travel accessories, special services, gift cards, and even homes. The amount a user opts-in with is the exact same amount they pay, if they are drawn. The application itself is based on a very fair model and it ensures equal opportunity for every single shopper. They all can get in on a deal. The app ensures equal opportunity for every shopper to get in on a deal by blocking "in" users from adding more money for an hour.


Regardless of the amount of money a shopper can spare for the product, everyone playing it gets an equal playing field and has the same opportunity as the other players to score on any deal until the offer on them lasts. If the target price is not collected before the offer expires, everyone will get their money back. The user can join in on any and all deals for just $1. If they aren't the winner, they'll always stand to benefit from discounts on other products starting at 2% and above collected in the app.

Allyos Is Associated With Worldwide Charity

A generous 1% of the total weekly sales that accrues to the Allyos team goes to a good cause. This is a cause voted for by the app users. Creators of the Allyos app are proud to be associated with various charities and it has been their ideology right from day one to make a difference in the society that they live in. Carrying on activities in support of noble causes has been a fundamental principle and an inseparable part of their mission. It is one of their first priorities and that is why every week a new charity is chosen for the purpose. With the kind of items and luxury products on the menu of the app, the charities and causes associated with Allyos could see big bucks coming their way. A 1% share in the total weekly sales becomes even bigger when you look at the scale of operations of the app. With Android and iOS users spread across practically countless devices, this platform is surely a unique way to shop. It is wise to say that it is indeed quite different from whatever we’ve seen so far in the sphere of e-commerce.

About The Author
Andras Juhasz

Andras Juhasz is the Communication Head at Allyos. He cycles, reads a lot and socializes with friends. When he is not doing all those, he loves to take his dog for long walks.

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