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Group Video Chat Network - Say

SAY it, right? That is going to be a fair point too.

If you want to video chat with any of your close friends and not actually do anything else, then WhatsApp is just fine.Say - Group Video Chat, on the other hand, can evoke what Facebook should have been doing all along.

So, let's discover what this messaging app has to offer to its users.


Installation is a breeze and no fuss at all.

You just have to enter your phone number and complete a quick sign up process. You'll be able to get inviting your friends to join in. You won't have to be logged in again and again either.

You can easily activate your free Say app, creating moments and sharing whatever is going on around you or just share your smiling face. Multi-tasking service means you won't have to have the app open either - it will still work in the background while you flick through to another app on your device. It is also useful if a group is excited to share live event unfolding.

 A notification gives everyone a heads up. 

Key Features

Group Video Chat

  • SAY helps all your friends and family stay connected anywhere and anytime!
  • Start a group with family, friends, co-workers, and teammates
  • Send funny video messages you want to share
  • Send stable and free video chats with groups.
  • Play hilarious games with your buddies and inspire conversations
  • Share video messages to close relatives and all your buddies. Share your happy and fun moments
    • Be closer and share moments that will last forever. Experience like you are together even if you are thousands of miles apart.
    • You'll get to interact with parents, close friends, granparents, siblings and cousins like never before!

My Verdict

Say is actually far from just about video chatting though, which was basically where I started to really enjoy its options.

Through different connected networks, you can easily use it to find out YouTube clips before sending over to your group chat. As a person who is a sucker for any viral video, I noticed that it is a nice way to share relevant content with a bunch of my buddies in one tap.

It is pretty hard to fault when it comes to performance. It can cover all the angles and a couple   I had not considered before. The principle advantage of setting up different groups for different members was a specifically handy feature for me personally, given my tendency to be splitting online messaging time between business and personal.

About The Author
MK Akram

I began writing as a professional on my personal blog and then discovered my true calling, which is writing about technology, News and gadgets in general. I am atechnical writer, author, and blogger since 2010. An industry watcher that stays on top of the latest features, extremely passionate about juicy tech news and everything related to gadgets.

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