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Business Apps Of This Modern Time To Help Small Businesses In Earning Profits

Whenever you are just running any smaller business, you are mostly pulled in multiple directions and at once. You are not just charged of the daily operations but might handle payroll and some of the employee issues. They have to deal with anything else that might pop up in this scale. There are multiple productivity apps available, which can help you to perform everything, right from keeping a neat list to delegate tasks to the employees. Through some of the tools, you can even stay right on top of the business based expenses.

Now the main question is to know more about the small business apps, which will work suitably well for you. It solely depends on business and own preferences that you have in mind. If you do not have enough time to go through the apps, then you can go through the lists created below and check out the options in here. You will come to learn more about the small business apps from libertylending and get help with it.

Apps for the general productivity:

Before you get straight to the task specified apps, it is vital to touch on some of the major productivity apps, which are useful for any of the smaller business owner, no matter whatever type of size of business you are actually dealing with. There are some of the major apps listed for your help personally and professionally.

The first one is Evernote:

With the help of Evernote, you can always clip bits and pieces of the information straight from web, and will tag them for some easy searching value and can also alter any of them by just adding it, condensing or even embedding tables, video, and pictures, audio and like.

  • You can even use this app for creating some organic notes and journaling. There are some other things you can work on through the apps and those are recipes, to-do lists, storage for the tweets, contacts and even emails, which you can always keep handy.
  • All these services are noted to be free in the basic version. Evernote further comprises of business version, which will be costing $12 on per user, with per month adding up several added features. Some of those included in this regard are unlimited upload space and administrator controls.

Another one app in here is Wunderlist:

In a simple state, Wunderlist is noted as one to-do list, which is also one effective one. You can further create endless number of task lists and you get the chance to share it with anyone you list. The lists will get to sync automatically and others can actually get to see the items, which have been completed. Wunderlist is one to have launched that higher powered base business app, which will let you delegate the tasks to team members and then get to break them down into the sub tasks.

You can further add notes and then set deadlines and even program reminders. The basic Wunderlist is actually free of cost while the Wunderlist for the businesses will cost you around $4.99 on every use per month.

Go for the Pocket as another option:

There are multiple times when you might have run across anything interesting but you do not have time to just read it at the same time.

  • If you think that Evernote is not your cup of tea and becoming way too overwhelming for you, then Pocket will be an easier alternative to save articles, videos and anything else that you might get to find online. It helps you to peruse them later on.
  • If you are way too tired of the social networking field but want to wind down at night with anything interesting then Pocket might be the best friend you can go for.
  • The better thing in here when compared to other options is that you do not need any internet connection for viewing what you have actually saved. This source is quite simple for you to use and it is free, which makes it even netter for people!

Business apps for the field of time tracking:

Whether you are playing the role of a freelancer who is here to track hours or just simply smaller business owner willing to keep yourself accountable, there are some productive based apps for you that will help you to save time too.


If you think that you have invested quite some time on digital distractions like Twitter, Facebook or even online shopping, RescueTime can easily hold you to be accountable. It might breaks down where you have spent time by application and website, and can further let you set that productivity goal.

  • Premium version of this tool can help you block some sites, track the current offline activity you have dealt with and setting up some notifications, in case you have spent much time on any one activity for instant.
  • The basic version of this option is free of cost and then you have the premium one, which will charge you $9 per month.
  • Even though the current RescueTime is available for PC, Mac and Linux, this app is also made available for the Android phones.


Another interesting app that you have to deal with is Toggl, which is also stated as a timer. It helps in tracking every possible second of the time and making the service ideal for anyone willing to log billable hours. You even get the chance to track multiple projects or even clients just like you have asked for. You get the chance to view some of the colorful graphs, sync your numbers with some of the major project management apps and the export timesheets. The best part is that employees get the chance to use Toggl and you get the chance to divide them into multiple groups, just for the sake of staying organized.

The market houses so many other small business based apps that you have to deal with. You can go through these options as mentioned above or try something new.

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