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Augmented Reality in Marketing and AR android use cases

Marketing is an important aspect of business. And in these cases, can often become one of the core drives of your business. You may have a very innovative product, but all that won’t even matter a little bit if you cannot market your product properly. And when it comes to marketing your product, every executive worth their salt wants to spare no expense to tantalize and intrigue the viewers.  Gone are the days when the only way to peddle your product was through word of mouth and fancy billboards. Even the different forms of digital marketing through social media are a bit passé now. The next thing slated to make a huge revolution in the field of business is augmented reality. And it will soon be making its mark in the world of marketing as well. And it will be completely justified. For the entry of pending Augmented Reality in marketing has been portrayed only in sci-fi movies, but took a long time to translate to reality.


The scope for Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is pretty much the need of the hour right now. There is a lot of relevance in the knowledge that is conveyed through the various multitudes of print media. However these two methods of marketing and communication needn’t be treated as competitors. Rather they can be considered as ways to connect to the consumer as a whole, filling each other’s gaps and helping to improve the exposure of the market in the overall. This indicates that instead of pitting them against each other, we should utilize our objective of better marketing by optimising and complementing both together. In fact, according to research by a reputed company known as Digimarc, 75% of consumers think that digital media is a complement to paper, rather than a replacement. And the pending augmented reality can help build a better strategy that utilizes the best of all the worlds without causing any form of extinction.

There are much better reports which have shown how augmented reality used as marketing strategy has indeed brought the viewer’s closer to the product. The closer you can make an experience with a product authentic; chances are you will definitely convince the consumer to buy them. Instead of depending on the amount of interaction in selling, the crucial point will be in interaction of the advertisement or rather the interaction of the product itself with the various consumers.


Advantages of utilizing augmented reality

Augmented Reality is providing a lot of methods and ways to utilize your given product and make the advertisement an interactive experience. The pending Augmented Reality Programming is bundling up and giving shape to a future where technology runs in harmony with business. There are many interesting examples by which you can utilize augmented reality, like the instances of intuitive bundling that set individuals in a place to attempt to obtain extra substance or benefit or little diversions that spring up from a can of a soda pop, rather than the tried and tested methods of using small gift codes hidden in the wrappers.

Augmented reality does makes purchasing intriguing as well as simple. For example, when it comes to buying items from a retail store, we regularly battle with seeing how a dress fits, how might a table look in our room, the last view after the remodel of our home and so forth. This disarray is trailed by heedless purchasing, returns, and many a time, lamentations. The higher the estimation of item the more it harms when we settle on accidentally awful choices. However with augmented reality, we can attempt to visualize the product in our comfort zone and setting, and get a more realistic measure of whether it will indeed suit us or not.  Starting from 3D tours of prospective homes to knowing which particular kind of sauce will go well with the food we are about to cook, the pending augmented reality has actually transcended fantasy and appeared right in front of us.

Thus, everyone will definitely be in agreement about the need of augmented reality in bringing about the next stage in marketing. By making it a more “real” experience, customers get to be more attached to the product and thus can help in brand exposure and validation, which is a win-win situation.

About The Author
Sunny Chawla

Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs. Web-design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow in the online market. He would love to share thoughts on Social Marketing Services,Digital marketing etc.. "

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