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7 Must-Have Investment Apps in 2020

2020 has been the year of all things digital. Through the rise of home assistants, online shopping and remote work, apps have risen to the top as a key resource. Investing in particular has gotten a helpful boost from the following apps. For anyone looking to trade and manage money better, these seven investment apps are the leading forces.

1. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is a popular institution for brokering and investing. The staff specializes in aiding beginners or long-time investors for any of their needs. With this mobile app, people of all backgrounds can start investing in commission-free stocks or exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

The app doesn’t require an account minimum, either — users can get started immediately in finding the right stocks they want to invest in. TD Ameritrade works well for regular investments or for retirement and education.

This app will be helpful for people who want a balance of individual control and professional assistance.

2. Invstr

Invstr is an app that provides a fun spin on investing. The app uses gamification to make the process entertaining while educational for those who are just starting out. Users partaking in the Fantasy Finance or 100K Challenge where they either manage $1 million for an imaginary firm or manage a completely real $100,000 portfolio.

The guides and assistance help newcomers, and those who want to have fun with investments, get the hang of the process. Then, they can jump into the real thing.

3. Wealthbase

Wealthbase adds a social factor to investing. The app takes the idea of interacting with friends virtually and mixes in the competitive, investing edge. Users can see what their friends invest in and can set up games to play against them as well. It’s a dynamic that fosters engagement while figuring out the right stocks to choose.

Some games are simulations where investors get a virtual $100,000 to invest as they please and see where it takes them. It serves as important practice for when users are ready to invest. Plus, Wealthbase allows the trading of cryptocurrency.

4. Fidelity

It’s never too early to start thinking about retirement. Fidelity is one of the best investment apps to help with that process. From exit strategies to funds, retiring involves a lot, but this app makes it easy.

The investments are based on long-term benefits and results. Users can work with professionals to understand the best plan of action, personalized to their needs. They can also figure out how they should be investing with the app’s calculator.

While Fidelity focuses on brokerage and stocks, too, this app will help anyone who wants to start planning or learning more about retirement especially.

5. Robinhood

The investment sector can sometimes be overwhelming with the sheer amount of information that comes through every day. Robinhood helps users learn from that information to make better investments that suit their personal needs.

With the option to get the latest news right on the app, users can invest right as breaking information comes around. Moreover, the app forgoes fees, so trading stocks is now free. Robinhood also includes the ability to invest in and trade cryptocurrency alongside stocks and ETFs.

Those who wish to avoid fees and make news-based investments will enjoy Robinhood.

6. Ally

Ally gets right to the point. This app is about low-fees and good investments that age well. The selling feature for Ally is the absence of fees for stocks, ETFs and options. With core features like trading, investing and monitoring, this app is perfect for anyone who wants the standard investment process.

With a completely virtual setup, users can take charge of their portfolios and ensure that their investments are up to their preferences. This approach helps expose users to more stocks, an important part of broadening an investment portfolio.

7. Acorns

While many investment apps allow manual trading and transferring, Acorns takes an easy, automatic approach. Users simply connect their credit or debit cards to the app and Acorns rounds up every purchase to the next dollar amount. It then invests that money into whichever stock or ETF the user chooses.

This method is effective for anyone who wants to contribute to a retirement fund, 401(k) or regular stock. Acorns automates the process — it’s the best choice for anyone who wants to invest without thinking about it.

Choosing the Right Apps

From these apps, you have an array of features to choose from. If you need professional assistance, then an app like TD Ameritrade or Ally may be the wisest options. If you’d prefer an app that invests for you automatically, then Acorns is that game-changing choice. Personalizing your investments is what will ultimately bring you the best success.

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