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7 AI Applications that help in your Small Business

Today, Artificial Intelligence is not only beneficial for big companies but small companies too. It has made a significant impact on our personal lives and also brings drastic changes in an array of industries. Artificial Intelligence Development company are using machine algorithms that identify the trends and algorithms to identify real-time data insight that provides faster decision making in real-time.

Using artificial intelligence in your own business may seem daunting. Still, the ever-growing range of solutions makes it easy to focus on specific aspects of your operations where smart features can deliver more promptly. In many cases, saving real-time, streamlining existing processes and allowing data-driven decision-making on a faster timeline requires only one or two smart apps.

While AI will never replace humans–because life experience and intuition are indispensable in business–the technology's usefulness as a supplementary tool for workers is hard to dispute. In fact, the global AI market is slated to grow from $7.35 billion in 2018 to nearly $90 billion in 2025, according to Statista.

Artificial intelligence empowers businesses to perform work, in more progress way to keep alive in the business world. Artificial Intelligence only aims is to do more with much less. More leading companies are searching for efficient, innovative approaches to develop and streamline operations as technology and society continue to advance.

Here are seven AI Application that helps you to incorporate the tech into your small startup business.

1. Fyle

Artificial Intelligence has empowered the business world and brings a positive development. Fyle is accessible for iOS client where you can track and upload the costs; all the financial application will be monitored and controlled, which will enhance the overall performance of the business. Fyle is used to accumulate the intricate process work and permits paperless practice and to improve accounting software. These features provide you with real-time compliance and policy checks.

  • Real-time data extraction
  • Expense reporting
  • Tracking corporate cards
  • Real-time policy checks
  • Approval workflow
  • Travel advances
  • Travel requests
  • Analytics

2. Clara

Clara is an AI app that automates with the meeting schedules, and other follow up business. These are integrated with unlimited calendars that allow the user to check the availability that can interact with participants and can add up quickly.

3. Elsa

Elsa stands for English Language Speaking Assistant that can be accessible on Android mobile phones. These applications are specially used to learn and improve the English pronunciation and aptitude of the month. It helps you to give proficiency in the language with a wide range of undeniable services that indicate an advancement.

4. Acquisio

Acquisio is a tool with a digital learning machine that is using predictive algorithms that can optimise business bids. These buds can improve the unimaginable solutions, what human were not be able to do. It is a tool that scales the SEO marketing effectively that can be launch and manage with the help of machine learning.

  • It simply replaces the tedious work and by effectively using machine learning tools.
  • Increase the return of the investment
  • Flexible Data Range with quickly modified report templates.

5. Apptus

Apptus provides automation of AI-powered, which includes many other major platforms. It enhances these sites with awe-inspiring features that include merchandising, recommendation and other site navigation. These apps are plugged in with major leading providers that could include Microsoft and Amazon. These apps are enabled that can reach the business to a whole new level.

  • It provides business objective-driven technology.
  • With these machine learning techniques can improve revenue profit.
  • More of the merchandise tools can save and reduce overall tasks.
  • Computer intelligence influences almost all age business groups and eliminates barriers.

6. Google Assistant

Google Assistant can be used whenever they are needed for the business. These businesses can be used to google assistant to improve the bids of the task. Google Assistant comes with a wide range of features that can enhance any individual or business productivity.

It is considered to be the best AI tool that can be managed and schedule the business works. It is a virtual assistant from Google that advances startup business ideas.

7. Answer Rocket

AnswerRocket empowers you in natural language to ask business questions and get responses in mins. The data need to be tapped immediately, for proactive business strategy. This strategy can be used for decision making. Now you'd need to ask a data analyst for every time you can easily to generate information with the help of this tool on your behalf.


Artificial Intelligence's has changed our daily life; Artificial Intelligence is a revolutionary force that has the potential to introduce new growth sources, from improving the working style to enhancing the position of individuals. Nowadays, many AI solution providers offer a wide range of services that simplify business processes and speed up the developing process.

About The Author
Nitin Garg

Nitin Garg is the CEO and Co-founder of BR Softech – Mobile app development company. Likes to share his opinions on IT industry via blogs. His interest is to write on the latest and advanced IT technologies which include IoT, VR & AR app development, web, and app development services. Along with this, he also offers consultancy services for RPA, Big Data and Cyber Security services.

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