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5 Ways to Generate New App Ideas And 10 App Ideas You Can Steal

A small idea that might be full of doubts and confusion has the potential to reach the stars. Yes, the chances are even greater if the idea is related to the mobile app. In the past two decades, some mobile app ideas have made it exceed the GDP of a whole state. Yes, you read it right. Whatsapp is a million-dollar idea that reached to the heights where it defeats the GDP of countries like Japan and Iceland. So, an idea has the potential to lead towards success so high.

However, generating new app ideas is not an easy task, particularly in a situation where the competition has risen to its peak. And, a lot of people are trying hard their luck to achieve success with an app idea. Today, the number of available apps in the Google Play Store is around 2.9 million apps, depicting a fierce competition in the market. Such a high figure of available apps on the app stores reveals that a lot of potential ideas have already been implemented. It turns out that Software development companies carries a big fortune, but the competition is high in the same way. So, it’s been quite difficult for entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to find a perfect idea for mobile apps and grow their fortune with mobile app development. To help people in such a situation, below are some authentic ways to generate new app ideas. Here you go!

1. Offer a Solution

One of the most effective ways to find an app idea is to find a prevailing problem in society. Offering a solution to an on-going problem attracts users to use the app and find solutions they want in their lives. So, instead of thinking of an idea that will give you tons of bucks, come up with a solution that will help a lot of people around you. Such an idea will automatically earn you a lot of fortune.

People look for solutions to their problems. Since people don’t really care about your business and rather they think more about their comfort and how they can bring ease in their lives, think about a solution that has the potential to bring ease in the lives of people across the globe. It turns out that the best app aims to solve an existing problem at hand.

2. Improve a Solution

Apart from finding the problems, you can also work on an idea that has been used but not work as effectively as it should. A lot of apps and solutions are available in the market, but they are not up to the mark and fail to bring out efficient solutions. So, you can also improvise an already used idea. Improvisation can range from an App interface to customer support. It requires you to find glitches in a pre-existing idea and improve it.

3. Identify the Market

It is crucial to identify the market needs for developing an app. the target market has a huge impact on your app success or failure. So, Loads of new app ideas can be created by analyzing the market need. Identifying your market is not only important for coming up with app ideas but also to check where the market stands.

4. Start Making a List

A great way of coming up with a new idea is to keep a list of your thoughts. All of us strike with some unique, crazy, different, creative, or fun thoughts all over a day. We usually ignore or forget those thoughts amid our busy routine and hectic responsibilities. Keeping a note or diary for noting down all of those ideas can lead you to the attainment of an idea that is worthy of being turned into an app. Or, you can also combine two or more ideas to turn into a fantastic mobile app. Thus, you can turn an idea into an app by keeping a record of your ambiguous, crazy, or creative thoughts.

5. Look Online for Ideas

Internet is full of ideas and inspirations that can be assembled wisely to be compiled into a mobile app idea. There are multitudes of websites that keep listing new app needs and ideas. People share app ideas to receive opinions and reviews from the audience. And it is essential to take surveys from people around you before start working on an app idea. You can surf the web to find something interesting for an app idea. After that, you can modify and use the concept as per your likability, market, convenience, and research. You can also go through forums and platforms like Quora and Reddit to find problem solutions and creative app ideas.

10 App Ideas You Can Steal

Here a few potential mobile app ideas you can think and use fro your mobile app development.

  1. Healthcare Mobile app
  2. Fitness app with a unique solution to lose weight
  3. Ecommerce Apps
  4. Food Delivery App
  5. AR/VR integrated Gaming Apps
  6. SkinCare aid and Beaty salon Apps
  7. Grocery Delivery App
  8. Educational and Learning App
  9. School Bus Tracking App For parents
  10. Travel Portal App
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