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5 Characteristics To Make App Successful

Do you know the fact, there are 5.11 billion mobile users around the world?

The mobile app company across the globe will hit $6.3 trillion by 2021.

It shows how important it is to have an app for the business. And it is like nowadays, the app is available for everything you can think off.

So, in this tough competition, how to make your app stand out of the crowd?

In this article, I’ll mention the few characteristics that are must to make your app successful.  

Solving Problem & Knowing Targeted Market

Every app you have used or seen will be a problem-solving application. 

Once you’ve decided to build an application, you need to know your customer’s pain. And build an app that solves their problem. Address an app with your customer’s pain.

According to a report, 14% of the apps fail because they have not made proper research. And it is a true fact. How an app be successful without having a proper base?

You need to have a look at your targeted marketplace. When you target the right marketplace with correct addressing to the user’s problem, you can get good user engagement. The best example here is WhatsApp, which did a little marketing but still became the hot favourite of the users. As it solved the major problem faced by the users.  

An Appealing UI/UX

94% of the users will make their opinion about your application within the first few seconds of visiting the app.  

After knowing your targeted marketplace, the next comes the design of your application. Build an app with innovative features and appealing UX/UI designs. In this world of huge competition, it is must to have an interactive design for your application.

You can make your mobile app stand out of the crowd with responsive designs and showcasing your services or products in a unique way. Your cost of app development may go bit higher, but to provide the best user engagement, it is must to provide fantastic UI/UX to the users. The simple equation here is,

Great Design = Happy Customers.   


The winning mobile apps should be fully compatible with the platform it is developed for. Here. a cross-platform application can prove to be an ideal choice. But again the decision should be made keeping the following factors in mind,

  • Targeted Audience
  • Resources
  • Features and revenue model

With that, you need to keep your app updating regularly as and when required. Make your application fun and engaging for the users. You even need to keep updating your application as per the technologies.

Faster Loading

No one like to wait for anything right?

Similar is with the mobile app. You will never visit an app again, that takes huge time to load, or just crashes. 29% of the users will directly delete the app which took more loading time. 

And it is estimated that winning apps take 5 seconds to load. You need to test your application repeatedly regarding the speed thing. Your application should instantly respond to the user’s click.    

In-App Support

We all should agree to the fact that users are impatient. They expect your reply within the 5 minutes they have placed an issue.

To have a good impression of your business and application, you should provide excellent customer support to your users. One smart thing you can apply here is to add FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section to your application. It can provide a quick solution to the problems faced by users.       
Later, if they don’t find solutions from the given FAQs they can contact your customer service support. It can add to the impression of your application. Responsive customer support even lead to the recommendation of your application to others. You can get good reviews on social media when users are satisfied with your services.  

Are You Ready To Cherish Your App?

The app marketplace has heavy competition, thus you need to adopt the above-given characteristics.

A strong mobile application plays a key role in the success of your business. As the new technology keeps involving you need to update your application accordingly.

 In the bottom line, I would say that a successful app starts with a good idea, an effectual execution and great service support.   

About The Author
Ciara McCarron

Ciara is the Writer and Journalist. She loves to deep dive into the ins and outs of the technologies. Her aim is to share the knowledge by writing on the technicals about Business, eCommerce, Startup, Enterprise IoT, AR, VR, and other Smart Technologies. To describe her in one word, She is a writer focused on Tomorrow’s World. 

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