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5 Best adventure game apps for 2020

“All our dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them” – Walt Disney

Is not this true? What do you think? Well, we believe that the author of this quote has beautifully explained the way to live life. Yes, just like adventure games, life also is full of various ups and downs, and the one who pursues them can achieve the goals in life and as well as in the game. Adventure games have gained immense recognition in the market, not just because of the entertainment that they offer, but these games boost our morals as well.  

People, especially the young age group, are always eager to have an experience of a new adventure game. But getting fewer chances, they love to play some adventure games. These games are complicated and come with various challenges like puzzles, action, arcade, horror, and so on. So, it becomes tough to find out a thrilling adventure game. It is the reason, today here, we have curated the list of five Best Online Platform Game adventures for you, check the list.

Jungle Adventure 2

Jungle Adventure 2

Are you willing to experience some fun in your life? If yes, then download Jungle-Adventures-2 and face some new challenges and adventures in the jungle. It is one of the Best Online Platform Games for Android that you will get free to play. The name of the adventurer is Addu, who wants to protect the fruits of the forest from a magician. You will love playing this game as it throws new challenges with each level.

Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Games

Ghost Town Adventures

If you like ghost games, then Ghost-Town-Adventures is the best option for you on the list. Every time you play the game, you meet up with a new adventure, along with a twirl of supernaturalism. When you check reviews of this app, you will find out that it is one of the finest Adventure Games where you will meet Anna once you start the adventure into the city. The main agenda of the game is to save the town from the ghosts.

Road rockers

Road rockers game

Do you love running? If your answer is affirmative, then gear up your shoes and bag and get ready for the Road Rockers Online Platform adventure. The blockbuster game helps you to explore the Middle East country and also help you learn some traffic rules. The app is ready to take you to an everlasting running trip in which you have to accomplish various missions in the city of UAE, as the voyage unfolds into a classic end.

 Road Rockers Game Features make it one of the best games in which you come across various challenges that keep you busy with it all the time. The main objective of the parking car game is to boost the speed of the road rocker through a world tour with a range of electronic gadgets in the bag that assist the user in accomplishing the duty.

Criminal Case

Criminal Case game

To improve your skills, sometimes you need to take some risky job, but this does not signify that your companions are lethargic. These adventure games will help you become more and more courageous and more robust. Just like real life, this game offers you some real-time adventure to experience with a twist of exposure, they squeeze the illegal Case. In this game, you will meet with various characters of the forensic team, detection team, and others. Solve the puzzle to find out the facts of murder to make this mystery exciting.

Escape Game: Home town Adventure

Home town Adventure game

Get ready to bring some dose of excitement by downloading this home town adventure game. It is a fun game with lots of adventures waiting for you to solve. The game offers you several puzzles that you have to solve to boost to the next level. THE Escape game is an exciting adventure game where you will be given tons of places to stay full of puzzles. There are various challenges and strategies that you need to understand to win the game. The remarkable features certainly grab your attention.


In a nutshell, we can say that almost all the applications are worth downloading, and you can use any of them to play in your leisure hours. All the games mentioned in this blog are known or their best features and functionalities. These Adventure games for Android boost your excitement level.

The list will make your adventure game finding process hassle-free as we have already done the job for Android users. The revolution in the mobile world has changed the patterns of playing games, and people love to spend their time while playing different running adventure games.

Do let us know which game you liked the most in the comment section and stay tuned with us.

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