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5 apps to make your house digital and secure

Home Security Apps

There is the keen role of home security apps for making well desktop application monitoring of home. There are different apps for android and iphone users. These apps mainly deal with the security camera app and help to overcome the security breaches in most of the possible ways. One of its examples is the security camera of mobiles as this helps to relate and articulate well with the need of monitoring the house well.

The cameras work well majorly with the camera security apps of android and iphone. These cameras could be easily turned on the smart phone for working but actually, it allows choosing the right and easy step. There are major five apps listed below which could help to deal mainly with the security issues.

1- Ivideon

The app is proving as the good surveillance provider with all possible equipment such as cameras. These are proved to be effective for use and include multiple features for finding out the major home security issues. These features mainly include the capability of sending audio back via online. It is the major feature of this app and the other one is live streaming. Through this feature, it is possible to use internet from any device and location. It is also easier and possible to connect the phone to a camera but in the easier way. The cloud storage could be easily recovered through this app.


The major pros of this web include are that it allows to save data on cloud storage and also to send audio back online. On the other hand, the major cons are related to the app could be shut occasionally and there would not be any perfect timing out.

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2- Reolink

It is considered as one of the most efficient apps for use. It brings security applications for home trough camera. The camera with zero configurations is used by this app. The app is free and it helps to enable the camera viewing from anywhere and anytime. There is also the great number of people who are using this app and this is about 2.5 million.


The major pros of using this app include that it gives great vision and easy steps with zero configuration. It also allows friendly interface with motion-detection trigger alerts. It also allows the remote access. There is also the limitation that this app is connected only with cameras and security systems.

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3- Alfred

This app is easy in use for home security. This app will allow turning the security cameras into security cameras. The application involves the smooth interface and amazing design for its users. It is an easy app to sue for turning old smartphones into cameras. These have the major pros such as it is a user friendly interface and simple to use. However, the major cons are also associated with it such as occasional shut down. It can also slow down the devices.

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4- i-security

It is one of the best security apps for android users. It can allow the users to watch different cameras through the surveillance system easily. The live streaming video could be easily viewed through the strong internet connection. The physical control could be obtained through this application and it can also allow helping in multiple ways. The foremost advantage of this app is that it can simply turn the home computer into a surveillance camera. It can also snap photos from the video stream. However, some disadvantages are also related to it such as it slows down the responses sometimes. It also shut down occasionally. It also stops working when the computer goes into sleeping mode.

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5- Video Monitor

It is also considered as the most considerable app for android users. The app comes with good looking and simple interface. It is user-friendly and allows its users to implement video surveillance. It also allows tracking GPS location and also event detection. It has the foremost benefit that it can notify by email. The GPS locate tracking is also an exceptional example of it. It could be shut down occasionally and also slow at startup.

Video Monitor
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These apps are simple to use and help to overcome the simple and general security issues. It is no doubt that these apps help to overcome the general security issues but the use of fingerprint door lock system gives the quick and efficient way of resolving the major home security issues.

It is added by taking the keen reviews of fingerprint door locks which are latest. The security issues are tries to overcome through the use of these door systems. It is the type of innovative technology which is resolving many issues. The fingerprint door lock reviews assert that there is need to bring more advancement in technology as this can help a lot in many ways.

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