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Zombie Killer: Car Derby

Zombie Killer: Car Derby

by Lisa Jeff


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Zombie Killer: Car Derby

Zombie killer: car derby is #1 action game that blends the boundaries of classic killer games and timeless racing games.Zombie killer is a crazy game for everybody who like drive cars and kill thousands infected zombies.The rules are very simple - slay the endless waves of zombies or have your brain eaten.The game starts off in an apocalyptic area in the town. The gratitude viral disease has spread out and has caused a destructive zombie outbreak.Can you defeat the fallen undead zombies with your Monster Car? when you will drive the car zombies will attack on your car .Zombie Derby is a killer game with dangerous bloody zombies.

Choose from 4 different freaky cars in this Halloween game.Hunting and crushing zombies on the way in speedy car.The Death worm is in hot pursuit eating anything in its way.Death worm behind, zombies in front! create some zombie roadkill in this new zombie killer game.Hungry zombies infected the whole planet , now you have to survive. Start the engine of your car – the road awaits! Smash all zombies on your path and have fun with Zombie Derby Death Racing 3D. Brutal up-gradable cars and daredevil speed will steer you through places that are chock-a-block with zombies. Avoid other cars and obstacles and get as far as you can.

Be the hero and prepare yourself for a zombie assault against undead creatures.You will enjoy car mania in this game. This game comes with a lot of features which you will not find in other zombie sniper games & death racing games. Choose from muscle car,racing car, army battle truck & machine gun war transport truck.Awesome transporter truck driving physics.Wipe out horde of zombie as they claw and try to crawl inside your zombie roadkill war truck.Smash and run over zombies or kill them using your powerful drifting cars and monster trucks. Master your driving techniques to save the world from the zombie’s apocalypse!


-4 killer cars to drive
-Millions of blood-thirsty zombies of different kinds
-Lots of zombie killing fun
-HD graphics and inspiring soundtracks
-Defeat all of the fallen undead zombies
-Amazing gameplay.

Kill all zombies in your way and upgrade your ride in this amazing game for android.Zombie killer derby car is great car racing game for kids and youngsters unleash their creativity by driving their dream cars in one of the most thrilling monster car stunt games with HALLOWEEN MONSTER CAR CRUSH.So think you've got what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse? Download and start destruction today.

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