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Your word against mine

Your word against mine

by Celtic Intuition Limited


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Your word against mine
Your word against mine

Your word against mine is a free word search game with a PVP real time multiplayer tactical twist to challenge you. Create words, take the points or play with your friends in a PVP real time multiplayer game or with the AI. Extra points are scored for the use of interesting or rare words.

• Play PVP real time multiplayer with your friends or an automatched player.
• Battle against the AI and try and score more points than it does before it dislodges all your library books.
• Exercise your brain with the timed against the clock game. 
• Relax with the infinity game, perhaps on that train commute.

In both the AI and PVP real time multiplayer games the aim is to score the most points and be the guardian of your library's books, preventing them from being knocked off the library shelf. The game ends when one player's books are all knocked off the library shelf. 

- Tap letters as they appear and collect them in your letter tray. 
- Build words from your letters and take the points or 
- Store your words to use against your opponent.
- Launch your words against your opponent if playing against the AI or real time multiplayer. 

Be swift and collect the letters before they disappear. Points are based on English letter word frequency. So Q, J and Z are worth a LOT of points when played in a valid word.

Make an interesting word such as kindle, crossword, guardian, telegraph or observer; a rare word such as squiriferous or bimarian and get rewarded with more points. Exercising your brain can really count to your advantage in this word game.

Incidentally guardian, newspaper, observer and crossword all score highly with observer and guardian scoring bonus points. 

You can tap multiple letters at the same time, no need to wait for the letters to land, so tailor your word search strategy to be as swift and efficient as possible.

Kindle and release your inner logophile, word feud in the the real time PVP multiplayer game with your friends, by inviting them or against an opponent with an automatch multiplayer game.

You take the points for the words you make as normal, but there's a twist.

You have a library of books which you must protect from your PVP multiplayer opponent. Be a watchful observer and guardian of the books. Do not be come too distracted by scoring points. If you store a word you have made, you will not get any points for it, but it will be stored in one of your launcher tubes on the tactical screen.

You can target your PVP multiplayer opponent's library and launch your stored words against the other player. Observe as your word text twists to wards its target. As guardian of your library, if you are swift, you can intercept and destroy your multiplayer opponent's incoming words.

Share your top scores on the leaderboards and share "Your word against mine" with your friends. Exercise your brain, lexicon and word search skill and unlock hidden achievements.

"Your word against mine" uses a dictionary with combined UK/British and US spelling, similar to the dictionary for Words with Friends, by Zynga, based on ENABLE. The dictionary is derived from the EOWL, English Open Words List, derived from the “UK Advanced Cryptics Dictionary” (UKACD). 
If you enjoy a crossword in a newspaper like the guardian, observer or telegraph, then this word search game is for you and your friends.

Scoring is frequency based, not exactly like Scrabble, Words with Friends or Word Trek. Remember this twist if you are a fan of Scrabble or Words with Friends.

If you love word search and word find games like Scrabble and Words with friends, give "Your word against mine" a try. I am not affiliated nor do I have any connection with these other great games, Word Cookies, WordWhizzle, Scrabble, Word Feud, Words with Friends or Word Trek.

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