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Your word against mine

Your word against mine

by Celtic Intuition Limited


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Your word against mine
Your word against mine

“Your word against mine” (YWAM) is a free addictive word search game. Play solo, against the clock or feud against the artificial intelligence (AI) opponent.

“Your word against mine” (YWAM) uses a dictionary with combined UK/British and US word spellings. It does not use the same dictionary as Scrabble or Words with Friends.

Words are scored according to English letter frequency and not like Scrabble. Remember this if you are a fan of Scrabble or Words with Friends and are playing the AI game in order to maximise your points against your opponent.

Take a word trek through word history to revive some star arcane rare words like exipotic or just a smart word like amoeba, ocelot or chums.

"Your word against mine" (YWAM) has been implemented to be Daltonism friendly/colour blind friendly with reasonable contrast and with a dark background to preserve battery life on your device. We have tested our screenshots against deuteranopia, protanopia and tritanopia filters.

Game modes.

Infinity - Collect letters, search for words to make, create words and score points with no time limit.
Timed - Play against the clock. Valid words give you more time. 
Against the AI - Play against the AI. Search for words, take points and beat the AI's score or store your words in your tubes and launch your tube to dislodge your opponent's books on the tactical mode book screen. Your wordfeud with the AI can become a distraction so don't forget to take points for your words at the expense of disloding your opponent's books.

"Your word against mine" (YWAM) uses Google Play Services, supporting achievements and leader boards so you can share your top scores with your friends.

Soon there will more complex and dynamic feud modes that would also suit lovers of Scrabble and Words with Friends so there is a "Your word against mine" (YWAM) word game that satisfies everyone, such as wordfeuding in real time against your friends in your Google+ circles or anonymously against a player anywhere in the world.

"Your word against mine" (YWAM) requires limited permissions. Your word against mine does not require that you create an account with us.

"Your word against mine" (YWAM) is fully compliant with EU cookie legislation. When you first run the app, you will be asked to confirm the use of cookies.

"Your word against mine" is free to play, but has an in-app purchase of a licence to remove the adverts which support my development costs. There are also various upgrades which you can purchase to help you gain an edge when you feud over your adversary.

I welcome suggestions to improve "Your word against mine" (YWAM). In future we may use other social media platforms for turn based feuding in "Your word against mine" (YWAM). If you love Scrabble and Words with friends, give "Your word against mine" a try and unleash your hidden logophile.

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