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Wishing Pixies

Wishing Pixies

by Claude Newman


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Wishing Pixies
Wishing Pixies

Make emotional intelligence a part of your child's morning routine with one of the best apps for preschoolers on Android devices! Wishing Pixies is the only child management and educational behavioral app designed to help parents raise calm, emotionally resilient and kindhearted children.

Created by a teacher with over 20 years of experience in education, Wishing Pixies engages children with two magical pixie characters, Cailin and Gasur, that the child must nurture, allowing children to express their desires and emotions creatively. The backstory revolves around pixies forced to leave their planet. On Earth, families adopt them and the children take care of them.

Parents interact as the Pixie, creating magical playtime where the child can learn valuable lessons.

As a parent, using the Wishing Pixies app is easy, as they simply create a parent account on our website. From the website, parents can enact the following functions:
-    Assign tasks with pixie dust rewards
-    Approve wishes and assign required pixie dust values in order for them to be granted
-    Send chat messages to the child as the pixie
-    Manage Affirmations for the child to repeat to build confidence

Wishing Pixies also functions as a chore chart, allowing parents to manage chores for children. The website allows parents to reward children with Pixie dust when they do well.

Wishing Pixies was created with the intent of helping parents raise a child that is developmentally and socially strong, emotionally resilient, calm, and kindhearted.

Wishing Pixies engages children with multiple game modes, including clean-up and gardening, while incorporating multiple exercises for building emotional intelligence, such as personal affirmations, and kids meditation.

The Wishing Pixies Chore App features:
-    Clean Up game
-    Gardening game
-    Kids meditation
-    Tasks with rewards for chore management
-    Make-A-Wish with the parent granting wishes as the Pixie
-    Sing-Along
-    Use with the Wishing Pixies Doll to bring the experience from the smartphone/tablet to the real world!

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