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Wild Angry Shark Hunting 2016

Wild Angry Shark Hunting 2016

by Cantt Games

Wild Angry Shark Hunting 2016
Wild Angry Shark Hunting 2016
Wild Angry Shark Hunting 2016
Wild Angry Shark Hunting 2016
Wild Angry Shark Hunting 2016
Wild Angry Shark Hunting 2016

Wild Angry Shark Hunting 2016!
are you interested to do a Wild Angry Shark Hunting 2016, then download this game and hunt a big sharks with your favorite guns, choose your favorite gun hunt a shark before it can goes into the water, tilt your device and aim the shark after taking a perfect aim shoot them and get a points, share your score with your friends and family and make a lot's of fun. This game includes a lot's of guns, HD Graphics. And many more things download this game and fulfill your interest.
Keep ready yourself for the horrifying sea battle to hunt the Wild Angry Shark Hunting 2016. Start your glorious shark hunt now Show your skills to hunt the sharks. Sharks are the most deadly aquatic creature and predator of wild sea life. Target these sharks and hunt one by one. Hunt the shark and complete level. You should make maximum score before sharks catch you. More careful in shark attacks will accelerate with each passing second.

Hunt down as many sharks as you can before the time runs out. Chase the sharks with your ship then shoot them
down with your gun. Complete the objective to move to the next challenge. Be the best shark hunter on the sea

Water depth is a hostile environment. Poisonous fish can kill if it touches you, not to mention the sharks. You’ll be attacked by hungry jaws and sharps claws. They have smelled your fear so they will approach you. Shoot them all down before they hunt you and make you the prey. These wild water beasts can be deadly when they are attacking. They will never show any mercy so you don’t need to show any to them. Hunt them down and shoot to kill. Missed shots can end in your death as they jump to attack on you.

Daily catch the big fish in North America Ocean, dive into clear water and start swimming for catching the big ones. Aim to shoot fish, hunt sharks and dangerous predator to seek revenge for human killing. Enjoy the massive game play on Paradise and explore the realistic sea life in 3D open world environment. Anglers can catches fish daily feel the thrill underwater with gun without angling rod.

Take control over world most powerful and underwater species. Wild Angry Shark Hunting 2016 is thrilling and exciting new game for ocean and water lovers.

Wild Angry Shark Hunting 2016 Features:

• Awesome sea hunt
• Virtual 3D simulator
• Challenge to hunt the monster sharks
• Amazing graphic
• Excellent sound effect
• so don’t wait, just download and start hunting.

How to play: 
• For enemies at far distance.
• Detect sharks by the help of radar and Map.
• In each Mission you need to kill all sharks.

Download Wild Angry Shark Hunting 2016 game for underwater killing adventure.

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