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Whats Chat App Recovery

Whats Chat App Recovery

by Systweak Software


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Whats Chat App Recovery
Whats Chat App Recovery
Whats Chat App Recovery
Whats Chat App Recovery

Have you ever wondered what messages were sent to you on WhatsApp but instantly deleted by the sender? Try this app if you wish to undelete or recover deleted WhatsApp messages on your Android.

Systweak Software has developed Whats Chat App Recovery to help users discover the sender’s deleted messages. Instantly access deleted WhatsApp private and group chat text, image, video, and audio messages.

Use the Whats Chat App Recovery tool to automatically retrieve deleted messages from WhatsApp. Your device's notifications are scanned for messages, which are subsequently sent to app chats. Now, you can view deleted texts when you recover WhatsApp chat when the sender uses ‘Delete for everyone’ to remove the message from your chat. With this WhatsApp data recovery app, you can also retrieve media files sent to you but later deleted by sender.

Let’s have a look at some of the features of Whats Chat App Recovery -

User friendly interface.
Read WhatsApp messages which are deleted by the sender.
Recover images, videos and audio files.
View Chat History.
Separate tabs for media files.
Read messages without opening WhatsApp.
Skip showing online status on WhatsApp and view messages from the app.
Safe to use and 100% secure.
App does not log any user data on its servers.
Erase all recovered messages from the app in one-tap.

How to use Whats Chat App Recovery to view messages deleted by sender?

Systweak Software designed this easy-to-use WhatsApp deleted messages recovery app to help the users. Here are the steps to follow to view the messages deleted by sender on WhatsApp -

Step 1: Download and install Whats Chat App Recovery by Systweak Software on your Android device.

Step 2: Grant necessary permissions.

Step 3: Open WhatsApp and make sure to turn on notifications for all chats and the application itself. Set Media auto-download ‘On’ to ensure all the received media files are available to be recovered when deleted by the sender.

Step 4: Now, open Whats Chat App Recovery on your device.

Step 5: Go to the Chat tab and tap on the sender’s name. It will open chat messages for you, now you can easily view all the messages deleted by the sender.

Similarly, tap on Images, Videos and Audio tabs to view the media files to recover deleted WhatsApp messages.

Even if someone deletes the messages on their end, they will still be visible, and you can simply retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages.

You can also select and delete one or more messages from the app to remove them permanently.

You can only recover deleted WhatsApp messages which were sent after installing the app on your device.
Grant permission for Auto-Start, Storage access and Notification Access.
You must have the notification turned on to allow Whats Chat App Recovery to read them.
You must unmute WhatsApp chats to read deleted messages.
You must not have opened a chat, as notifications will not appear in such cases.
Set ‘Media auto-download’ On for media files for both - ‘When connected to Wi-Fi’ and ‘When using mobile data.’

Disclaimer: Whats Chat App Recovery is not associated with WhatsApp Messenger.

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