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whats bulk sender

whats bulk sender

by scs


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whats bulk sender

Whats Bulk Sender - a bulk marketing | messaging app | toolkit for WhatsApp

Send Bulk messages to your customers without the shortcomings of the broadcast ,without any subscription fee (Unlock all the features of the app with a nominal one time purchase fee).
Safest way of sending the bulk messages without your number being blocked. without the hassles of API usage.
Option of Sending WhatsApp messages without saving the contact number.

In short
+ No need to get API approval
+ Can send promotional messages
+ No need to get message templates approved before sending
+ Can be used by businesses or for personal use
+ Easy to setup
+ No annoying ads.
+ Send to Unknown numbers.
+ Bulk sender from excel using xlsx file.
+ Manage your Contact Book & choose your contact to send messages.
+ Create Contact Groups for sending Bulk messages.
+ A powerful image editor is added from version 1.1.1

1. Send Messages with just few clicks.
Send Messages to all your clients within seconds. Connect to your customers daily over a platform that they love with ease.

2. Import all your contact directly.
You can import unlimited number of contact numbers using excel import option. No need to save numbers from now onwards.
There is option for manual campaign creation also.

3. Group the contacts as Campaigns
Group the contacts as Campaigns with Campaign names. In your phone, all the contacts will be automatically imported under a group name which is the campaign name.

4. Send what you want-without approvals.
By using Whats Bulk Sender - you are in control. There is no recurring subscription fee, no need to wait for approvals for the API usage.

5. Send quick WhatsApp messages
Send WhatsApp messages to unknown contacts. No need to save the number on phone.

6. With the powerful image editor you can customise the images before sending.
You can brush on the image, can add text , colour it, filter the image... possibilities are unlimited.
You can send the edited image to the campaign for bulk sending. Or you can send directly to WhatsApp or facebook or any other media for further forwarding

7. Active Support.
Inapp contact option to the developer, we will resolve the issues faced by you in 24 hours.

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