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Water Drop Sort Puzzle

Water Drop Sort Puzzle

by icuetech


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Water Drop Sort Puzzle
Water Drop Sort Puzzle
Water Drop Sort Puzzle
Water Drop Sort Puzzle

Water Sort Puzzle is a casual, challenging color water puzzle game that offers many innovations in gameplay. Sort liquids of different colors into glass bottles according to their watercolor to have the same color.

Although the interface for color-sorting puzzles is simple, it is easy to use. However, it will challenge your logical abilities. The difficulty of the water sort puzzle will increase as you add more colors and more bottles. You will find many exciting and challenging game levels waiting for you! Take a look at the water Sort drop puzzles!


Features of Water Sort Drop Puzzle:-

To complete the sorting games, use one finger.

There are thousands of color matching levels.

Free of charge

Colors can help you exercise your brain.

The Best Use of Your Spare Time

Good experience with a small running memory

You can play science games anywhere, anytime.

My-water is easy to learn, but it is not easy to play.

Tablets and support phones


Water Sort Drop Puzzle Gameplay: -

To pour colored water into another glass, tap any glass. You can only pour water from the same color tube into another glass.

Do not get too involved in coloring water.

You can also add sorting props and a tube to hold your coloring water.

Notes: To get the proper pouring water, you need to be familiar with the rules and practice them.

You can quickly identify the right combination of water bottles by learning the rules of color games. You can quickly identify the right color match by mastering the rules of color games.


Try to solve the addictive color water sorting puzzle. It is a win when all tubes are categorized according to the same color. Puzzle games can be challenging and enjoyable, and they are a great way to exercise your brain. This game is excellent for anyone who likes puzzles or is a skilled player of puzzles.


Water Sort Drop Puzzle is a color-fill puzzle game that can help you relax and exercise your brain.


Demonstrate your intelligence! It's easy to do!

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