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Voice Translator: All Language Translator

Voice Translator: All Language Translator

by jd apps studio

Voice Translator: All Language Translator
Voice Translator: All Language Translator

If you are facing the multi-language barrier then don’t worry. To overcome this language barrier our voice translation app is right for you. Voice Translator is used to translating the voice into different foreign languages. You can translate text into voice by using this all language translator.

This text translator app helps you to translate text into voice in a language of your own choice. You can translate text and voice in 80 different languages by using this interpreter translator app. Just speak and translate your voice into different multiple languages by using this multi languages translator app.

This Voice Translator: All Language Translator app also has the features to share the translated text or voice on any social media platform by using this Hindi to English translation app.

This speech and translate app have OCR features. With the help of these features, you can scan any documents and image text. After scanning text, you can translate it into any language of your own choice.

If you are traveling to a foreign country and facing a language barrier then the English to Spanish translation app will overcome this barrier. You can translate speech, text, voice messages into 80 different languages with this translate in Hindi app. You can translate voice from English to Spanish and Spanish to English as well. Translate Urdu to English as well as English to Urdu by using this 80 languages voice translator app.

Using this translate to Arabic app, you can translate English to Arabic language as well as from Arabic to Eng. Translation app is totally free of cost and you can use this anytime. Translate German to English with this German translation app. This English to German translator helps you to translate your voice into the German Language and learn the german language.

Voice Translator: All Language Translator Features:

Text Translation:

Voice translation app provides you text translation feature where you can write your message in your selected language. Then select the language in which you want to translate your message. Text translator will convert your text message to your selected language like Spanish to English. After text translation, share the translated message and enjoy.

Voice Translation

With this voice translator app, translate your voice into different languages. Voice translator app is easy to use. Just select the language, press on mic button, and start recording your voice. The voice translator feature will convert voice to your selected language. You can also copy your translated message from the voice translation app and send it to your friends on different social media platforms.

Scan and Translate

With speak and translate app, Scan and translate any documents or images simply by OCR Camera features. This speak and translate can easily detect text from documents or images with its OCR camera features. Translate this text into different foreign languages.

Core Languages that voice translator supports:

Translate to Arabic
German translation
Translate English to Arabic
Translate German to English
Translate in hindi
Translator for Chinese to English
Translate English to Hindi
Translate Arabic to English
English to German translator
Reliable translate from English to Spanish
Translate Urdu to English
Allow to translate from English to Korean
Convert English to Urdu
Malayalam to English translator

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