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Video To Audio, Video To Images Extractor

Video To Audio, Video To Images Extractor

by ezeesoltech

Video To Audio, Video To Images Extractor
Video To Audio, Video To Images Extractor
Video To Audio, Video To Images Extractor
Video To Audio, Video To Images Extractor

The Code Tech Developer provides a better all in one video converter application, giving an opportunity and platform for android phone users to easily download and convert any video file to an audio file, or extract a portion of audio/video/ still image from a video file, with the best of the user’s will from different environments, through video to audio converter. This application also gives the facility of catching high definition pictures/ screenshots from any video file. The users can also easily convert one format of video to other video format like flv to mp4 etc.
Now for the first time, the Video to audio converter application has been launched with many advance tools and latest features, for free. As any audio file cannot be rendered automatically with required formats from a video file, our application will be of great use to music lovers to directly convert the video file. The user can also fetch the requisite multi screenshots from any part of the video clip. Following are the main emphasized features of Video to audio converter application, developed by Code Tech Developer.
1) Short video files in any format
2) Long video files in any format
1) Install the Video to audio converter app from Google Play Store
2) Select the new format for the video file 
a. Video with different formats
b. Audio with different formats
c. Screenshot/ Picture capture with different formats
3) Press Ok 

Video file Support:
1) MKV
2) WMV
3) MP4 
4) 3GP
5) FLV 
6) AVI 
Audio file support:
1. mp3, 
2. wav
3. ogg
4. m4a
Image file support:
1. TIFF. 
2. GIF
3. BMP
4. PNG
Salient Features/ What’s New:
1) Simple User friendly interface
2) Single click application
3) Easy customize option
4) Fast conversion to audio format like mp3, wav, ogg, m4a, acc, flac 
5) Support different MP3 formats
6) Built in mp3 cutter/ trimmer for ringtones
7) Video To Images
8) Extract Images from video
9) Extract voice from Video
10) Different Bit rate support like 48 kb/s , 64 kb/s , 128 kb/s , 192 kb/s , 256 kb/s , 320 kb/s.
11) Background run facility 
12) Download opportunity 
13) Built in image capturing for photo lovers
14) Fetch images in different file formats like jpg, gif, png etc
15) Built in image viewer
16) Full screen view
17) Simple swipe option
18) Multiple download options
Keywords to find our app:
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2) Image extractor
3) Mp3 extractor
4) Sound extractor
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6) Video short clips
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