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Video Splitter & Story Cutter

Video Splitter & Story Cutter

by Attractive apps

Video Splitter & Story Cutter
Video Splitter & Story Cutter
Video Splitter & Story Cutter
Video Splitter & Story Cutter
Video Splitter & Story Cutter

Video splitter is latest story cutter or video divider that split & trim video files for status video. Video slicer & video cutter app easily split & trim videos into different clips and short video status. 
Short video clips are most needed to upload stories and short video status. Video trimmer and splitter divide the long video into clips as story video. Video splitter & slicer save time by splitting the long video into clips.
Video trimmer and cutter easily cut for stories for video status with following features:

Video Cutter & Trimmer
✔ Split videos into chunks of short video status. 
✔ Video trimmer cut and trim video files to be used as story video.
✔ Story splitter divides the long videos into specific number of video clips.

Compress Videos 
✔ Trim & cut compress the size of the video story.
✔ Customize a video into limitless stories. 

Split High Quality Video Clips
✔ Story cutter split videos without changing the quality of the split videos while making video clip stories. 
✔ Video slicer split long videos to 10, 20 or 30 seconds story videos.
Video divider and story splitter offers three major options of social, auto and manual to split and cut video;

Social Video Splitter 
✔ Video cutter split the videos to be uploaded on social media platform.
✔ Social Story cutter split the videos into two major time durations of 15 second videos and 30 second video status.

Auto Video Splitter
✔ Auto video splitter divides the video with available time duration into limitless stories. 
✔ Split clips into 5 seconds, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 seconds of video story.

Manual Story Cutter
✔ Manual splitting offers to split videos with your choice into short video status.
✔ Split the videos to the time duration user wants like, 6, 8 or 17 seconds video status. 

Video Slicer UI
✔ Video divider has simple UI, easily split long video into several short video clips. 
✔ Video splitter for social media status saves time by generating small duration video stories. 

How to use video cutter & trimmer?
✅ Select the long video to be split on video splitter app.
✅ Trim and compress the video.
✅ Select the social or auto; specified time duration for video clips.
✅ Or manually set the time duration to split clips.
✅ Story splitter generates small video clips of one long video. 
✅ Saves split videos into library of video cutter app.

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